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Amber Heard in photo with Keith Richards just after ‘attack’

Amber Heard was today accused of changing her story about being ‘backhanded’ by Johnny Depp after a picture showed her posing with Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards shortly the alleged attack without any visible injuries to her face.

Ms Heard had claimed in her statement submitted to the High Court that Depp attacked her in March 2013 after he became jealous of a painting that her ex-partner Tasya van Ree put up in their bedroom.  She claims that her ex-husband tried to set the painting on fire and hit her so hard that blood from her lip ended up on the wall.

Depp, however, says he simply asked Miss Heard to move the painting from the bedroom ‘as a courtesy’ and that she had an ‘extreme reaction’. He also says a text he sent later, describing the evening as a ‘disco bloodbath’, was to placate Miss Heard and not an apology for alleged violence. 

Today Heard was shown a picture of her with Depp, Richards and her sister Whitney, which she was asked to examine because she has no cut lip or bruising.

Eleanor Laws QC, Depp’s lawyer, alleged that after the picture was submitted as evidence, to underline Depp’s claim that he did not attack her as she alleged prior to filming a Keith Richards documentary, Heard changed her account as it showed her without any injury to her face.

Ms Laws said: ‘You have woven a web of lies that you have had to shift and change according to when evidence has emerged about this Keith Richards documentary.’   

The barrister said: ‘And do you agree that there is absolutely no injury on your face in this photo?’, adding: ‘Does this photo show you before or after you were hit by Mr Depp?’. Ms Heard replied: ‘Which time? There were a lot of incidents in March.’

Amber Heard then told the court the incident involving the painting took place on March 22 2013, not March 8 2013 as she originally said.

Ms Laws said: ‘You have woven a web of lies that you have had to shift and change according to when evidence has emerged about this Keith Richards documentary.’ 

Eleanor Laws QC said: ‘There has been a change, hasn’t there? Not just in relation to the date?’

Ms Heard said that there was an incident on March 8 2013 ‘that we’ve called ‘disco bloodbath”, when Mr Depp ‘accused me of having an affair with my best friend who was a man’ and another incident on March 22.

Ms Laws said Ms Heard had in her first witness statement given a ‘very detailed description of an argument that goes on overnight, it’s over the painting and during the argument Mr Depp attempts to set fire to the painting’.

She added that ‘the other aspect is a very serious assault upon you with him hitting you in the face with the back of his hand and drawing blood, some of which ended up on the wall’.

Ms Laws asked how the blood ended up on the wall, to which Ms Heard replied: ‘I didn’t watch the blood itself.’

Ms Laws asked Ms Heard to explain how it happened.

Ms Heard said: ‘Johnny, back in those days, hadn’t gotten to the point of choking me.’

Ms Laws intervened to ask her to explain how her blood ‘spattered on the wall’.

Ms Heard continued: ‘So, back then, it was just slaps or backhands and when he backhanded me it was still so early, it was a shock, fairly traumatic at the time.

‘In retrospect, I feel different but at the time that’s all I happened to notice. I felt his rings hit my mouth, my teeth.’ 

Sasha Wass QC, for NGN, claimed that she had changed the date of the incident after the picture of Heard with Richards, Depp and Whitney was submitted as evidence by the actor’s legal team.

In the picture, Heard is seen without any injuries to her face, which undermines her claim that she was punched so hard in the face by Depp that her blood was splattered on the wall.

Ms Wass claimed: ‘You have changed the date in order to explain away the clear face in the photo.’ 

Eleanor Laws QC put it to Ms Heard that her sister made the ‘same mistake’ as her in her witness statement by saying Ms Heard had a swollen face ‘and a real injury on your face’ on they day they went to the Keith Richards set. 

Ms Laws accused Ms Heard of attempting to construct an incident along with her sister based on ‘silly’ text messages about Mr Depp changing Tasya van Ree’s name to ‘Tasya van Pee’ on one of her paintings.

Ms Laws said: ‘In fact, you’ve tripped yourself up over it, haven’t you?’

Ms Heard replied: ‘No, this is a totally different painting.’

Ms Laws said Ms Heard was ‘lying as you go along… dealing with the fact that what you and your sister was saying about this incident is total lies’.

Ms Heard denied that was the case and said Mr Depp had ‘defaced multiple paintings’. 

Heard was also shown a picture of her with Ian McLagan, former keyboardist with the Faces and a close friend of Richards who was also in Los Angeles while Depp was filming his documentary.

Ms Laws told her that it was taken on 23 March 2013, a day after Depp’s alleged attack on her.

Referring to the picture Ms Laws alleged: ‘The photo does not show you with any injuries. It shows you with a clear face.’ 

It came after Amber Heard today made the sensational claim that Johnny Depp pushed British supermodel Kate Moss down the stairs while they dated in the 1990s.

Ms Heard made the new allegation in the High Court and claims she punched him during an incident in March 2015 as she feared that he might do the same to her sister Whitney.

Eleanor Laws QC, Depp’s lawyer,asked her about being violent towards Depp during the fight, Heard said: ‘He pushed Kate Moss down the stairs, I heard this from two people, and this was fresh in my mind.

‘I reacted in defence of my sister. I had for years been Johnny’s punch bag but for years I never hit him. It was the first time after all these years that I struck him back.’

Ms Laws accused Heard of ‘adding’ the Kate Moss incident during her evidence as she had never mentioned it before. 

Ms Laws added: ‘You have added the detail about Kate Moss. It’s not contained in any document. You did not mention anything about Kate Moss being in your mind. You are just making this up as you go along. This is the first time that you have mentioned it.’

The court was then played an excerpt of Heard’s deposition in August 2016, in which she talks about the March 2015 incident. Laws repeated her allegation that there is no mention of Kate Moss.

Heard replied: ‘I have not had the liberty of time, space or energy to list every incident that’s listed in these proceedings.’

Johnny Depp trashed a caravan, threw glasses at Amber Heard and ripped open the front of her dress searching for narcotics after threatening to break her friend’s wrist for touching her on a cocaine-fuelled bender, his ex-wife claimed today.

The couple stayed at a trailer park in Hicksville, New York, in June 2013, when Ms Heard claims her megastar ex-husband exploded around the campfire when he believed another woman ‘flirted’ with her – calling Amber a ‘lesbian camp counsellor’.

In an explosive witness statement, published as she started her second day of evidence at the High Court in London, Ms Heard said: ‘He grabbed her by the wrist and threatened her by talking about the pressure that would be needed to break it if she didn’t admit that she was trying to flirt with me. Johnny and I went back to our trailer cabin where he continued to fight about it. By that point, the amount of cocaine he had taken affected his ability to make rational sense and he went into a manic state’.

Ms Heard the row then spilled into their trailer, which he allegedly ‘trashed in a rage’.

She said: ‘He broke light fixtures and he broke the frosted glass front of a cabinet, and I think he threw glasses at me. He accused me of being the moral police’ and ‘lesbian camp counsellor’ and of hiding his drugs. I had a pretty dress on that I’d dyed pink – and loved and wore all the time: he ripped one of the straps and then ripped it off me at the front, claiming to be searching for the drugs’.

Amber Heard smiled as she arrived at the High Court hand-in-hand with her girlfriend Bianca Butti for her second day in the witness box after making extraordinary claims about her tumultuous marriage to Johnny Depp. 

On another day of extraordinary evidence, it was claimed:

The Aquaman actress, 34, claims she feared Mr Depp, 57, was ‘going to kill’ her on several occasions – and says he would later blame his actions on ‘the monster’, the megastar’s alleged ‘alter ego’ she says she was ‘terrified of’.

On Tuesday, the 11th day of the trial at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, Ms Heard will continue to be questioned over 14 allegations of domestic violence, which the tabloid’s publisher News Group Newspapers (NGN) relies on in its defence of an April 2018 article that called Mr Depp a ‘wife beater’.

Ms Heard has accused Mr Depp of verbal and physical abuse throughout their relationship, including screaming, swearing, punching, slapping, kicking, headbutting and choking her, as well as ‘extremely controlling and intimidating behaviour’.

Mr Depp, however, says he was ‘not violent towards Ms Heard – it was she who was violent to him’, and claims his ex-wife was ‘building a dossier’ of false allegations as an ‘insurance policy for later’.

On Monday, Ms Heard denied she had ‘thrown everything possible at Mr Depp’, telling the High Court: ‘I haven’t even scratched the surface.’

Yesterrday it also emerged Mr Depp made up childish names for Hollywood stars he accused Amber Heard of cheating with – including Leonardo ‘Pumpkin-head’ DiCaprio, the High Court heard yesterday.

He allegedly suspected his wife of sleeping with Eddie Redmayne, James Franco, Kevin Costner, Liam Hemsworth, Billy-Bob Thornton, Channing ‘Potato-head’ Tatum, Jim ‘Turd’ Sturgess and actress Kelli Garner.

Miss Heard said: ‘He demanded to know about any romantic scene and complained about how people can watch me ‘get ****ed on camera’.

‘I had to justify to him why I was doing any movie, and it was much worse if there was any kissing or a sex scene in it. He would taunt me about it – especially when he was drunk or high –and had derogatory nicknames for every one of my male co-stars he considered a sexual threat.’

Depp also suspected his wife was cheating with Tesla billionaire Elon Musk within weeks of their 2015 wedding. Yesterday she described his ‘paranoia’ and said he often accused her of an affair with a ‘sexy person who was younger than him’.

She said: ‘If I wore a low-cut dress, then he would say things like, ‘my girl is not gonna dress like a whore’. Over time, I stopped wearing revealing dresses for red carpet events.’ On day ten of Depp’s defamation case against The Sun, Miss Heard launched a wide-ranging riposte to his claims:

Ms Heard claimed she had suffered hell at the hands of Johnny Depp ‘punching, slapping, kicking, headbutting and choking me’.

She alleged the actor hurled objects, pulled her hair and shoved her, as well as constantly verbally insulting, intimidating and undermining her.

Some of her testimony was so extreme it had to be supplied in confidential schedules detailing allegations of sexual violence which were not made public.

But in vivid detail, she set out how ‘some incidents were so severe that I was afraid he was going to kill me’.

Miss Heard told the court: ‘He would often hold me by the neck up against the wall, without hitting me, but he would talk about what he would do to me if I left him, such as, ‘I will cut up your face so no one will want you ever again,’ and about how he knew people who could ‘break a leg, real cheap’. He told me repeatedly that ‘if you ever **** this up or leave me, I will make sure you live to regret it every single day’.’

She described a ‘three-day hostage situation’ in Australia in the couple’s luxury house rented in March 2015 while Depp was filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean. Depp’s alleged ecstasy and whisky-fuelled rage culminated in him trashing the house and writing messages in blood from a severed finger.

Miss Heard said: ‘It’s the worst thing I have ever been through. I was trapped and isolated with a violent person suffering from manic depression, bipolar disorder and a pattern of repeated, drug-induced psychosis and violence, who was on a multiple-day drug and alcohol binge.

‘He grabbed me by the neck and kept smashing my head against the fridge. He said he could crush my neck and told me how easy it would be. He kept attacking me – he hit me, pushed me, choked me and spat in my face.

‘He grabbed the front of my gown and ripped it open, so at some point I was bare-chested.’

She claimed the next morning she found ‘bits of raw meat’ in her torn nightgown, adding: ‘It was really messed up.’

Another time, she said he headbutted her.

The day after, Miss Heard was a guest on James Corden’s Late Late Show. The court was shown photos of her, and she said: ‘I am wearing a large amount of make-up, which was put on specifically to cover the marks Johnny had left on my face.

‘I had to wear the dark red lipstick that I am wearing for the show because it was the only colour that could hide the swelling and bleeding from my lip.’

Miss Heard added to the court: ‘Throughout the relationship, others noticed I had cuts and bruises. I made excuses. People asked me, ‘Is he hitting you?’ I would deflect it…to protect myself from the humiliation that I felt about anyone knowing that I would allow this to happen to me. I became an expert in covering up the bruises and injuries.

‘It is horribly embarrassing to walk around with bruises on your faces. You are constantly asked how you did it. It’s frankly humiliating.’ Depp denied ever striking a woman.

Amber Heard denied that she had an affair with Elon Musk or ‘anybody else’ while she was with Johnny Depp.

Eleanor Laws QC, Depp’s lawyer, told the court that she was raising the matter of Heard’s ‘illicit’ relationships to challenge her claims that he was ‘illogically jealous.’

Heard replied: ‘We (Musk and Heard) had just become friends. All jealousy can be deemed as illogical.’

Ms Laws read out a number of texts between Heard and Elon Musk which were sent between them just hours after a fight she had with Depp on 21 May 2016.

In one, Musk offers to arrange security for Heard and in another he writes: ‘Sorry for being an idiot. The radio silence hurt a lot. It only matters because I so like you.’

When asked by Ms Laws if she had been in a relationship with anybody else while she was with Depp, Heard replied: ‘I was not in a relationship with Elon Musk during my relationship with Johnny.’

Heard was then asked about the testimony of Alejandro Romero, a concierge at the Eastern Columbia Building where she lived with Depp. He testified last week that Musk visited her regularly over a number of years while Depp was away.

Heard said: ‘He was wrong. I was not even communication with Elon until 2016.’

The court was then shown CCTV footage from 22 May 2016, a day after her fight with Depp in which he is alleged to have smashed up their penthouse and thrown a phone at her, leaving her with bruising to her face.

Heard can be seen getting into a lift with a man and turning her head away from the camera.

Heard admitted that the man in the lift with her was actor James Franco, who Depp alleged, she was also having an affair with while married to him.

She admitted that he came to visit after 11pm and that she had a bruise on her face which had been caused by Depp.

When accused by Laws of deliberately trying to hide her face from the camera, Heard insisted: ‘We were talking. He (Franco) was saying to me ‘Oh my God what happened to you?’

She added: ‘When I let him in, he saw my face and said ‘what the f**k.’

James Franco paid a late-night visit to Amber Heard’s California apartment hours after she claims Johnny Depp hurled a phone in her face after winding up his arm ‘like a baseball pitcher’ after he claimed she fouled in their bed as a dirty prank, it was revealed today.

The megastar is accused of hurling the mobile into Amber’s face ‘as hard as he could’ after a row in their Los Angeles penthouse as their marriage imploded in May 2016 – as the High Court was shown CCTV of actor Mr Franco in a lift with Amber 24 hours later. 

Ms Heard described the alleged attack as her ex-husband’s ‘final act of violence’, which she claimed happened after descending into a drug-fuelled rage. 

But she has been has been accused of ‘faking’ her injuries with help from her friends Rocky Pennington and Joshua Drew, which Depp’s friends claim was part of a plan to ‘extort’ and ‘blackmail’ the star as they divorced. 

The court was then shown CCTV footage from May 22 2016, the day after her fight with Depp in which he is alleged to have smashed up their penthouse and thrown a phone at her, leaving her with bruising to her face.

Heard can be seen getting into a lift with a man and turning her head away from the camera – and today she admitted it was actor James Franco, who Depp alleged, she was also having an affair with while married to him.

She admitted that he came to visit after 11pm and that she had a bruise on her face which had been caused by Depp. When accused by Eleanor Laws QC, representing Johnny Depp, of deliberately trying to hide her face from the camera, Heard insisted: ‘We were talking. He (Franco) was saying to me ‘Oh my God what happened to you?’ She added: ‘When I let him in, he saw my face and said ‘what the f**k.’  

Amber Heard today denied Johnny Depp’s claims she was violent while they were married – saying the star considered any verbal insults to be like being punched.

The actor claims that his ex-wife enjoyed hitting him and was violent towards him throughout their marriage before it collapsed in 2016.

Ms Heard claims this was a fabrication. She said in her second witness statement published today: ‘Johnny has said I was continually verbally and physically assaulting him during our relationship – he paints a picture that I was somehow the instigator and the abusive partner. 

‘That’s not true. It is true that I had to use my body and limbs to protect myself from Johnny’s violence and abuse. He also often referred to verbal insults, or even just perceived criticism, as ‘punches’ or ‘hits’. As someone who surrounded himself with people and created a life which meant he never had to face criticism or critical feedback of any kind, Johnny would often refer to even perceived criticism as ‘blows’, ‘jabs’ or ‘right hooks’. 

Depp told the court how his wife had mocked him as ‘fat’ and ‘washed up’ and told him his career was over. Yesterday, she claimed he had branded her a ‘fat ass’ and told her: ‘No one will hire you when your t**s and ass sag.’ She said: ‘I don’t think that he really respects women. He likes ones that validate his ego, sexy ones. He doesn’t like powerful women, and he saw me as one of those. I remember describing it to a friend at the time as feeling like a wild horse in a cage; it was as if he wanted to break me.’

Amber Heard said: ‘I’ve always had a relationship with two people. One was with Johnny and I loved Johnny, and I was not threatened by him. I was terrified of ‘The Monster’. The Monster was the third party in this relationship.

‘He would blame all his actions on [this] self-created third party instead of himself.’

Miss Heard claimed Depp was ‘very good at manipulating people’, and after his violent episodes, would often come back with a ‘sobriety coin’ from an alcoholics’ support group claiming ‘this time it was the end of his drinking’.

But she said she was not able to confront him about his alcohol and drug abuse because it was ‘very triggering for him’, adding: ‘He would get angry and call me ‘the moral police’.’

After hearing an audio recording, Mr Justice Nicol asked Miss Heard: ‘Was it the case you sometimes threw pots and pans at Mr Depp?’ She replied: ‘Only to escape him.’ Depp has claimed he cowered in bathrooms to escape his wife.

Miss Heard denied being the instigator of their arguments, insisting she was ‘never violent’ towards Depp and did not have a problem with her temper. She said none of the other witnesses had seen their arguments which were ‘behind closed doors’. She added: ‘I did sometimes use physical force to defend myself when I was being attacked, or overpowered, or felt threatened. I did, at times, throw objects at Johnny.’

She said an incident on December 15, 2015, when she alleges Depp headbutted her and ripped hair from her head, made her ‘genuinely scared that he might accidentally kill me’.

The court heard part of a two-hour row recorded between the couple with Miss Heard calling him a ‘big f***ing baby’ and admitted starting a ‘physical fight’ with him. She can be heard saying: ‘I did not punch you, I did not deck you, I hit you – but you’re fine.’

Amber Heard’s medical history was recorded by Depp’s private nurse as: ‘Client admits to anxiety, eating disorder, ADHD, bipolar disorder, dependence issues.’ The actress described this as ‘very incorrect’. Nurse Erin Boerum added: ‘AH reports history of substance abuse.’ Miss Heard described the nurse’s notes as ‘a mistake’, insisting: ‘I am not a habitual drug user.’

She admitted to enjoying ecstasy and ‘mushrooms’, including doing both together at her 30th birthday celebrations in April 2016 at the Coachella music festival in California with a ‘high profile actor’ friend, when Depp wasn’t there.

Miss Heard admitted she did like wine but denied guzzling two bottles of red wine in an hour as her ex-husband claimed.

She claimed Depp’s doctor had prescribed her a cocktail of medications ‘and they were constantly being updated and changed to keep me sedated or calm’.

Depp and Miss Heard met on the 2011 film The Rum Diary. She said: ‘He was engaging and intellectual and dark and funny. He knew so much about life. When we were together, it was magic. When Johnny wanted to be affectionate towards you, he was intensely affectionate, warm and charming. It was like I was dating a king, with his level of fame and the way he lived.’

Miss Heard told the court about her ‘lonely’ 2015 wedding night claiming ‘possessive’ Depp kept vanishing to take drugs.

She said they argued on the night over his substance use. ‘He had lost weight and he would disappear into the bathroom for long periods during the wedding,’ she told the court.

‘I tried to smile through it and entertain our guests. But I had never felt more lonely in my life.’

Depp branded his ex a gold digger and accused her of building a ‘dossier’ against him as part of her ‘hoax’ claims of domestic abuse. But she hit back: ‘My so-called ‘agenda’ in marrying him, for financial benefit or to somehow further my career – that is preposterous. I remained financially independent from him the whole time we were together. It is not true I told him I admired his films early in our relationship – I was always very clear with him that I hadn’t seen his movies.’

The actress told of her fears for her miniature Yorkshire terrier Boo when Depp allegedly held her out of the window of a moving car. She said: ‘I was scared that he could have dropped her. There was like a quiet alarm because no one wanted him to drop the dog, but no one reacted so as not to antagonise him which might make him do something even crazier.’

Miss Heard said somebody hacked into her iCloud account and stole naked photos. She said they were ‘intimate photographs of me naked’ which had then been ‘altered and manipulated with all sorts of degrading headlines’ and ‘released to the world without my consent’. She told the court: ‘Johnny blamed me for that’, adding: ‘As you can imagine, it was extremely distressing.’

She claims self-confessed drug and alcohol addict Depp ‘lives in a state of weaponised victimhood’ by always blaming his troubled childhood, and surrounds himself with ‘yes men’. She said: ‘He functions off zero accountability. He is always the victim. No one really gives him direct or honest feedback. It is very rare to see anyone – professionals, doctors, lawyers, film executives –say no to him. I tried to, but it didn’t go down well.’

Miss Heard claimed Depp – who enjoyed cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis – ‘passed out a few times in the bathroom and had a history of vomiting in his sleep’.

When they went to his private island in the Bahamas to detox in August 2014, she said: ‘It was hell. Johnny was in a state of absolute mania at times. In one moment he would ask for hugs, the next he would yell at me.’ She claimed on August 17, ‘he kicked and pushed me so that I fell on the ground and grabbed my hair and slapped me. He was in such a rage that he smashed a door so hard that it splintered’. Depp has denied this.

The case continues.

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