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Amanda Kloots to live in LA home she and Nick Cordero bought

Amanda Kloots revealed she was ready to start the next phase of her life by moving into the Los Angeles home she bought with her late husband Nick Cordero.

The dance instructor shared the news while trying to remain positive about her ‘new normal’ in an Instagram post on Friday.

The beauty has been spending time in Ohio in recent days following the death of her husband on July 5 at age 41 from complications of COVID-19.

‘Heading back to Los Angeles today with a brave face,’ Amanda captioned the image of herself in her car in a white ‘Hooray For Love’ T-shirt and a black mask reading, ‘Hooray For Masks.’ 

‘These next couple weeks I will start the transition of moving into the home Nick and I bought together. I’m not expecting this to be easy, in fact I think it will be very hard, but I’m going into it knowing I need to be strong,’ she continued.

‘I have to find my new normal, at least whatever that is for Elvis and I right now. I know Nick will be with us. He wanted to live in this house more than anything so I’ll put lots of family photos up and makes sure his presence is with us.’

Amanda has had a major cross-country journey in recent days after traveling to Ohio to be close to family.

On Thursday, she shared a photo of herself looking ebullient with a moving truck as she began her long trek to her new West Coast home.

‘NYC to LA during a pandemic,’ she wrote, before explaining that her and Nick’s possessions had to go into storage because he went into the hospital with COVID-19 and she wasn’t able to accept the delivery.

‘From the storage unit to a temporary home in LA where I sorted everything,’ she continued.

The final step was ‘helping my parents from a NYC apt to Ohio so they could have their things to move to LA to be with me and Elvis.’

Amanda will be starting her new life in her new home with her one-year-old son, whom she and Nick welcomed in June 2019. 

Her move came just two days after Amanda announced that an audio recording of a one-man show Nick created would be released.

Amanda shared the black and white cover photo of Nick for his album Live Your Life, titled after the song he wrote and performed that Amanda sang every day at 3 p.m. while he was in the hospital.

Though the LP won’t be released until September 17, which would have been Nick’s 42nd birthday, it has been available to preorder since Wednesday.

 Amanda gushed in her Insta Stories about the album’s astounding success. In only a day, it topped the Amazon Vocal Pop charts, ahead of Bob Marley, Neil Diamond and Marvin Gaye, and it was number two on the Amazon CD & Vinyl chart, where it managed to beat out Bob Dylan’s newest critically acclaimed LP. 

‘Nick would NOT believe this,’ she wrote of the success.

‘I’ve never seen my husband work so hard on something and be so nervous to perform. I was so proud of him and absolutely loved watching him onstage these two nights,’ she wrote when announcing the album’s release. 

Some of the guest stars from the show, which was recorded in April 2019, include his Bullets Over Broadway costar Zach Braff, Kathryn Gallagher of Jagged Little Pill fame, his Waitress costar Drew Gehling, and Sara Chase, known for appearing in First Date. 

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