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Alan Dershowitz ‘hopes he was caught on Epstein’s cameras’

Attorney Alan Dershowitz says his ‘greatest hope’ is that he was caught on Jeffrey Epstein’s secret cameras because the footage will confirm he had no sexual encounter with minors or ‘erotic’ massages at the warped financier’s mansion, he told in an exclusive interview Friday.

The newly released tranche of documents in the Virginia Roberts defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell allege that Epstein forced a minor – ‘Jane Doe 3’, believed to be Roberts, – to have sexual relations with Dershowitz.

Epstein is believed to have rigged up clandestine devices to film prominent figures receiving sex acts at his various homes to use as ‘insurance policies’ against anyone who tried to take down his teen trafficking empire. revealed last month that the tapes were allegedly squirreled away by the dead billionaire’s alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, and could feature in evidence when she goes to trial next year accused of pimping underage girls.

But while the prospect of having intimate footage aired in public has horrified both victims and alleged accomplices alike, Dershowitz has told he will be thrilled to see himself in the secret clips.

‘My greatest hope is that is that Maxwell has videotapes of every sexual encounter that ever took place because it would show I was not involved in any of them,’ he said in an exclusive interview Friday.

‘I’ve said from day one that there were no photographs of me because I never did anything wrong. I never did anything that would be worthy of being videoed – but I hope there are videos.

‘It would show my wife and me getting massages from middle-aged professional massage therapists.’

The Harvard law professor was back in the Epstein crosshairs Friday after his name appeared in a tranche of newly unsealed documents revisiting accusations that he had sex with ‘Jane Doe 3’, who is identified elsewhere as his longtime accuser Virginia Giuffre, formerly Roberts.

The documents allege that Epstein required ‘Jane Doe 3’ to have sex with Dershowitz ‘on numerous occasions when she was a minor, not only in Florida but on private planes, in New York, New Mexico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The docs also claim that Dershowitz was an eyewitness to the sexual abuse of many other minors by Epstein. 

Dershowitz told the allegations that date back to 2014 were ‘old news’ and he has denied them numerous times.

Dershowitz said he had previously admitted having a perfectly innocent massage at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, where the dead predator attacked many of his underage victims and took secret photos of the abuse.

‘We were guests and everybody got massages,’ insisted the famed 81-year-old lawyer, who was on President Trumps defense team in his Senate impeachment trial.

‘When you went into Epstein’s house, the first thing they offered you was to have a massage therapist come to your room and give you a massage.

‘I did it once. And my massage therapist was a middle aged woman from Eastern Europe. I had never had a quote erotic massage in my life, period.’

The new Epstein documents were released late Thursday despite an onslaught of last-gasp legal appeals by Maxwell’s legal team.

The socialite had spent the previous 48 hours peppering Federal Judge Loretta Preska with gripes and complaints about how the material could scuttle her chances of receiving a fair trial on charges that she procured underage girls for Epstein.

After an ‘eleventh hour’ flurry of letters, motions and demands for fresh hearings, her lawyers managed to delay the release of several key dockets – including a 2016 deposition from Maxwell herself said to include intrusive details about her sex life – until Monday, while she launches yet another appeal.

But the rest of the cache, comprising previously-sealed documents related to a defamation suit brought against Maxwell by Giuffre, was uploaded to the court’s public records database just before 10pm.

Ghislaine vs Maxwell was settled in 2017 and much of it lay buried beneath a protective order however the case was revived last year by dogged media attempts to shine a light into every corner of Epstein’s sick world.

Interest in the records only intensified when Maxwell was arrested last month by the FBI and accused of playing a pivotal role in the pervert’s cult-like child sex trafficking operation.

Dershowitz helped Epstein agree a cushy non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors in 2008 which allowed him to plead guilty to minor charges and spend only 13 months in jail, most of it on work release.

In 2014 Giuffre named him as one of several prominent men she was forced to have sex with, including Britain’s Prince Andrew, who also denies the allegations.

She sued Dershowitz in 2019 claiming he had made ‘false and malicious defamatory statements against her’ while he was making his vociferous denials.

The veteran TV attorney responded by vowing to prove she was a liar in open court and predicted Giuffre would end up behind bars herself for perjury.

Giuffre also sued Maxwell for making alleged smears about her credibility but that case was settled in 2017 and much of the evidence sealed.

After appeals from the Miami Herald and other outlets Judge Preska has been going through the cache of sealed and heavily redacted documents one by one since last year, giving anyone mentioned in them the chance to lodge an objection.

The entire process is taking too long and is becoming farcical, according to Dershowitz who says he wants all the papers released today as they will ‘fully exonerate’ him.

‘There are no accusations, everything that she alleges has already been alleged in previous lawsuits,’ he told

‘Just so you know, I was the one who demanded the release of these documents. Everything should be released. There should be no secrets.

‘Literally everything should come out now. That’s my attitude, because the public has the right to know.

‘Particularly since she’s accused some very prominent people, very prominent people. She [Guiffre] is influencing events in the United States, she is influencing Great Britain.

‘When Joe Biden was accused everyone looked into it, when Justice Kavanaugh was accused everyone looked into the accusers. Why is nobody looking into her [Giuffre] background? Please quote me on that.’

Maxwell was arrested on in New Hampshire and indicted on charges of perjury, sex trafficking, and enticement to minors.

She denies the charges and remains in custody after being denied bail.

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