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Adorable moment chipmunk joins woman for her morning coffee

An adorable chipmunk joined a pair of humans for their morning coffee and decided on a banana for breakfast. 

A woman was sitting outside enjoying her coffee when she noticed a little chipmunk on the floor and invited him to join her in Needham, Massachusetts. 

It seems the two meet regularly as she said: ‘Every morning I enjoy the antics of my furry friend.’

As soon as she recognises the little guy she calls him towards her and tries to entice him by waving a peeled banana in front of him. 

The chipmunk jumps onto her chair, lunges for the banana and starts gnawing at the fruit. 

With a mouth still full of banana he grabs some with his paws and moves to the edge of the chair to enjoy his snack in private. 

Seemingly satisfied he jumps off the chair and begins to walk away but quickly changes his mind and returns to the fruit.  

The woman talks to the chipmunk and asks him: ‘That’s good huh?

‘Oh we like banana.’  

The striped creature repeats his eating routine twice, eating a bit off the banana itself and taking seconds to the side of the chair.  

Chipmunks are part of the squirrel family and 24 out of the 25 species are found in North America. 

This little guy was able to keep such a big mouthful of banana because chipmunks have large cheek pouches in which they can stuff food into.   

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