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Adam Abdul-Jabbar, 28, charged in June stabbing of his 60-year-old neighbor

The son of Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been charged for brutally stabbing his 60-year-old neighbor seven times with a hunting knife in a dispute over trash cans.

Adam Abdul-Jabbar, 28, of San Clemente, California was charged Tuesday with three felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, a felony count of carrying a dirk or dagger and three enhancements of inflicting great bodily injury, as per CBS News.

On June 9 Adam got into an argument with his neighbor Ray Winsor, 60, with whom he shares a driveway.

The neighbor confronted Abdul-Jabbar about not taking in the trash cans for his 83-year-old grandmother who he lived with. Abdul-Jabbar then allegedly stabbed him several times.

Abdul-Jabbar is scheduled to be arraigned on September 9. If convicted as charged, he faces a maximum sentence of nine years and eight months in state prison. 

Winsor suffered injuries in the back of the head and neck that caused a fractured skull and a brain bleed.

His wife drove him to the hospital where he collapsed in front of the emergency room, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Winsor filed a civil lawsuit against Abdul-Jabbar claiming he nearly died of blood loss following the incident.

‘I sort of got on him because the lady who takes care of him is 83-year-old, he doesn’t do anything for her and it just bums me out, she’s in a walker taking her trash cans down,’ said to Eyewitness News in June.

He said he bickered with Abdul-Jabbar several times over helping his grandmother. Winsor said he knew Abdul-Jabbar since he was a child.

Winsor said that Abdul-Jabbar yelled, ‘Shut your f***ing mouth, I’m gonna stick a knife through your teeth’ before stabbing him seven times.

Winsor thought he was being punched before he realized he had been stabbed when ‘blood was running down my back’, he told Eyewitness News.

‘After the fourth punch, I felt a very sharp pain and noticed blood coming out of me and then I had one to the top of my head and I was trying to get back to my house and he was in front of me,’ he said.

He said he then punched Abdul-Jabbar and knocked off his glasses so he could flee to the safety of his home.

‘A dispute between neighbors should never escalate to violence, much less the ruthless nature of this attack,’ Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said Tuesday.

‘Violence of any kind will not be tolerated in Orange County and those who choose to inflict violence on others will be prosecuted by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office to the fullest extent of the law.’

Abdul-Jabbar was arrested the day of the incident and released the following day after posting $25,000 bail.  

But Winsor’s daughter Rachel said she now fears for her parents’ safety as the 6-foot-7 alleged attacker is back living in the home next door after posting bail. 

Rachel Winsor, 26, who grew up playing with Abdul-Jabbar in the neighborhood where the attack took place, said she is terrified the Lakers’ legend’s son will launch a fresh attack on her father. 

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