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A ‘healthy’ protein cookie ‘WORSE for you than a Krispy Kreme’

A personal trainer has revealed why you shouldn’t always opt for apparently healthy diet snacks when looking for a treat.

Laura Ghiacy, who is from London but lives in LA, shared a video to TikTok comparing a Lenny and Larry’s ‘high protein’ chocolate chip cookie to a Krispy Kreme donut. 

In the clip, she reveals how the donut has 190 calories while the ‘healthy’ cookie has nearly two and half times as many at a whooping 460 calories.

‘I’m proud of this one,’ she explained in the clip which has racked up more than 2.4million views.

‘You could have two donuts before you hit the amount of calories in the cookie,’ she reveals. 

She adds that the cookie has 17 grams of fat, while the donut has just 11 grams.

‘No prizes for those who guess the cookie has more protein,’ she says, revealing the donut has 2 grams of protein compared to the cookies 16 grams.

Laura also reveals the donut has less than half the carbohydrates of the cookie, at 21 grams compared to 54, while the Krispy Kreme also has just 10 grams of sugar compared to the cookie’s 24 grams.

‘Why am I pointing this out? Because this, which has protein all over it makes you think it’s going to be healthy. Just eat the donut’.

The personal trainer, who often shares live workouts to Instagram, clarified in the comments that the cookie is meant to be two servings, but added that many people ignore that and eat the whole treat.

Lenny and Larry’s do not market the cookie as ‘healthy’ but rather as ‘high protein’. 

Their website says the treat was devised by two ‘gym rats’ Benny and Barry, who got tired of eating the ‘same old things’ to get their protein’.

After the video went viral, dozens commented their shock on Laura’s post.

‘That’s kinda shocking,’ said one.

‘People don’t know this, thanks for sharing!’ said another.

‘I wish I saw this back when I was obsessed with diet culture and counting macros, thank you for this,’ wrote a third.  

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