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104-year-old Brazilian woman recovers from COVID-19 after spending 25 days in a ventilator

A Brazilian woman who will turn 105 years old on Wednesday will have to wait a few more days to celebrate with her family as she recovers from a tough bout with the coronavirus.  

Ada Adelia Giovine, who survived the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, has spent 45 days in the hospital and 25 days connected to a respirator after falling ill with COVID-19. She’s expected to be discharged this week.

Giovine was initially hospitalized June 22 in São Paulo before her condition worsened and required her to be connected to a ventilator June 26, according to Brazilian news outlet G1.

Giovine, who had a head surgery at the age of 99, wowed doctors at Hospital 9 de Julho when she improved and had the respirator removed July 21.

Her son José Ricardo Manrubia, 71, said he and his two two siblings were being prepared by doctors to say their last goodbyes before they organized a video conference call with her. 

The familiar voice of Giovine’s loved ones instantly did its wonders on her road to an unthinkable recovery considering her age.

‘It was impressive, when she heard our voice she recovered. We saw her waving,’ Manrubia said. 

As of Tuesday, Brazil had reported 2,750,318 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 94,665 deaths.

Manrubia said that since his mother was taken off the ventilator, she had been going through ‘speech therapy and physiotherapy to be able to return home.’ 

Giovine went to music school and taught piano lessons before she quit her job to raise her three children, José Ricardo, Isabel and Heitor. 

Despite living with her children for several years, she went back to her residence in the coastal city of Guarujá, where she felt more comfortable.

A fan of Italian music, Giovine took an interest in computer classes at the age of 90 because she wanted to learn the ins and outs of the internet. 

A fall at the age of 99 cause her a head injury and loss of movement.  

‘The doctors said that only surgery would be the solution,’ Manrubia said. ‘We were worried. That was when one of her grandchildren decided to tell her that she would need to undergo the delicate surgery. She showed such optimism that she said: ‘is that all? Then operate soon.”

She spent her 100th birthday in the hospital while she recovered and started walking normally.  

‘She went through the Spanish flu … operated on her head at the age of 99 and is now over Covid-19. The party is going to be big,’ Manrubia said.

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