Woman behind UK “gossip for nurses” announces his return


Mixed reactions: Annemarie Plas says the gesture will resume on Thursday to support front-line soldiers
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During the coronavirus pandemic, the initiator of the weekly’ Clapping for Caregivers’ gesture thanking NHS and other health care staff for their contribution has announced that it will resume on Thursday. As the U.K. started the initial clapping, Last March, the first one went into lockdown and ran for 10 weeks, at 8 p.m. Every single Thursday. Over Covid incidents, London hospital stops urgent cancer surgeryRead moreAnnemarie Plas, a Dutch woman living in south London who began clapping for caregivers, declared the end of the practice in May because she feared it would become politicised. The applause was joined by the prime minister and other MPs, though she faced criticism over the shortage of personal protective equipment for health staff, pay levels, and the later reversed government decision to continue charging international health and care workers to use the NHS.

She wrote, ‘In our third lockdown, we’re getting back the 8 p.m. applause.

“I hope it can lift the spirits of all of us. “We’re coming back at 8 p.m. I hope it will raise the spirit of all of us in our third lockdown with applause.

Caregivers, educators, parents who are homeschooling, all who protect and Those who drive through this tough time! Join & share please! #clapforheroes pic.twitter.com/Tl27BlzqlH-Annemarie, January 6, 2021(@AnnemariePlas)
However, she was bombarded with negative reactions, suggesting that the gesture may find much less support this time around.One Twitter user, James Oswald, wrote: “This may be well-intentioned, but it’s absolutely the wrong thing to do. You want to reward all the heroes? Advocate for pay rises, bonuses for the whole NHS and living wages. That’s how you applaud the heroes, not with empty hand claps. “Concerns have also been raised that this could lead to people flouting closure rules.

Crowds of Londoners were filmed on Westminster Bridge during the weekly ritual last year. Another Twitter user, James Piggford, wrote in response to Plas’ tweet, “Let’s not do this, it’s an empty gesture.

Let’s support the heroes by staying home and beating this terrible disease. ” Jo Thomas, a nurse, tweeted, “Please don’t. The hero rhetoric is harmful. “The royal family and celebrities joined in the original claps, leading to further accusations of virtue.


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