WATCH: The Future of Education movement – first panel discussion.


The Educational Future

In education right now, technology and entrepreneurship are main subjects for Covid. At a recent online conference with some of the leading education experts in the world, all of these subjects were discussed. As part of our ongoing Future of Education initiative, the event was organized by The

Nobody interested in Scottish education will soon – or maybe ever – forget 2020. A major shock to the system triggered the outbreak of Covid-19, forcing unfamiliar teaching environments along with immediate and creative new thinking.

Inevitably, the improvements were drastic, but in some respects positive. They also contributed to a reassessment of how technology in Scottish education can help build new horizons and results, and how it can encourage stronger and more innovative ties over time with business and industry.

Here, watch the debate:

Participating in the discussion on these timely subjects in the webinar, now viewable above, were:

Host: Ward David. Manager of Sales, Newsquest Scotland

CGI: Director, Education, Richard Sadler,

SDS: Ross Tuffee, Chair, Digital Technology Skills Group (DTSG)

Young Enterprise Scotland: Brian McEwan (YES Business Growth & Appraisal Manager)

Aileen McKechnie, Director of South Lanarkshire College,

City of Glasgow College: Tom Duff, Director of Learning & Teaching Academy


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