Trump’s official aircraft will travel to Scotland shortly before Biden’s inauguration – study


The appearance of the president’s military aircraft on occasions poses concerns about Trump’s Jan. 20 plans

Ambiguity about the possible whereabouts of Donald Trump on his last day as president has increased dramatically with the news that the day before Joe Biden’s inauguration, an official plane he has used in the past is scheduled to fly to Scotland. When Biden is inaugurated on Jan. 20, the White House has declined to say what he would do, raising concerns about whether Trump would even willingly leave the building. Many Trump watchers expect him to avoid any event that would entail an acknowledgment of his election loss. They expect he’s going to stage a spectacular diversion to distract him from the first day of Biden’s work. Many iterations of the scenario include the outgoing president flying to his private club in Florida, Mar-a-Lago.

But Scotland’s Sunday Post announced that Prestwick Airport was told to expect a U.S. military Boeing 757, which is regularly used by Trump, on Jan. 19, near Trump’s Turnberry golf course resort. The study said speculation was sparked by sightings of U.S. military surveillance aircraft circling Turnberry for a week in November to do potential preliminary work regarding possible drama on Inauguration Day. “The 757 is a smaller, narrower aircraft than the usually allocated Air Force One Boeing 747-200Bs.

It is used more frequently by the vice president and first lady, Melania Trump, than by the president. There was no immediate response to White House or Prestwick Airport requests for comment. It would be unusual for a U.S. president to depart the country before formally leaving office. Flying to Scotland before Jan. 20 would be a way to pay U.S. taxpayers for the first leg of a post-president

A candidate caught off balance by the defeat and not knowing what to do is also possible to book the flight as a contingency.Scottish Trump’s golf courses post another year of lossesRead moreSeveral reports suggest that he is facing major trouble in his debt-ridden business empire. New financial statements published Monday revealed that Trump’s golf course chain in Scotland lost £ 3.

Yet it’s going to be unlike any presidential departure the nation has ever seen.


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