‘The world’s most unlucky burglar’ arrested after accidentally calling the police


Two men on suspicion of burglary were arrested by Staffordshire Police after one sat on the phone dialing 9999.

Staffordshire Police confirmed that, after receiving a call from one of them, they arrested a 49-year-old man and a 42-year-old man who appeared to be sitting unknowingly on his phone. “I think we just arrested the world’s most unfortunate burglars,” said Ch Insp John Owen. Police said that after receiving the “suspicious call” on Wednesday night, they arrested the two men in Stoke-on-Middleport Trent’s area on suspicion of burglary. Owen poked fun at the unfortunate couple by including a picture of Marv, the unfortunate burglar from the Home Alone film series, in a Twitter post on We
“One of the bungling burglars accidentally got on his phone during a burglary and dialed 999. To the point where our patrols arrive to arrest them, we receive a call detailing all their antics, he wrote. This is not the first time a group of burglars have managed to buy their way in with a rear end carelessly placed.

A couple who broke into a car in Fresno, California, managed to attract police attention in 2013. As Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart discussed their plans for about half an hour, the on-duty call-taker was able to track them down. The couple was eventually arrested. “This just doesn’t happen – where a crime is held from start to finish,” Sgt. Jaime Rios told Today. “While Calal Rios, 25, was arrested.” Tumilty was later sentenced to 26 weeks in prison after pleading guilty to several charges, according to Newcastle’s Chronicle newspaper.


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