The Scottish school NuVuX project encourages young people to invent.



Now ready to be rolled out around the UK, a groundbreaking school project that has turned the way students learn in Scotland on their head.

Launched by NuVu, a Boston-based education specialist, NuVuX aims to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators by moving the emphasis from passive learning to real-world circumstances in the classroom.

With its Dollar Discovers software, which is available free online to all students in Scotland, the most recent adopter of this method is Dollar Academy.
The project brings together business leaders, non-governmental organizations and academia to collaborate on addressing real-world issues with students. Participants work on certificates for SQA as well as shorter courses for “discovery”

The project was established in partnership with NuVu, founded in 2010 by a trio of graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The advanced model of learning blends studio-based learning with conventional courses in which students design everything from social robots to community-based interactive murals to urban design projects that solve environmental issues.

NuVu claims that this has the potential to improve education in the UK. And is ready to make it available around the country to students.

Ian Munro, principal of Dollar Academy, said, “A key part of my role as an educator is to prepare students for a complex and ever-changing world. NuVu does a great job of supporting this, and it’s been a pleasure to work with them over several years to find new ways to integrate curiosity and creativity into the Scottish curriculum.”

Saba Ghole, co-founder and chief creative officer of NuVu, said, “In a century, education has changed very little, while the world and the job market have radically changed.”

Everything new needs change-makers, developers and innovators of the future.

Sitting and nodding off are rarely concerned with work and life. It’s about open-ended problems, multiple viewpoints, multidisciplinary approaches and endless collaboration.

Why is classroom learning so radically different if we’re training students for the real world?

“Our model has been adopted by schools around the world, and now we’re excited to work with schools across the U.K. to offer a different model approach – one that helps students unleash their creativity and connect their learning to the challenges in the world around them.”


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