The Midlands, North of England and Wales Snow Forecast


According to the Met Office, which has issued a yellow weather alert for snow and ice, up to 5cm of snow could fall.

The Midlands and Wales, areas of northern England, are due to get a blanket of snow that could lead to challenging conditions for travel. According to the Met Office, which released a yellow weather alert for snow and ice that is in place until 6 p.m., five inches of snow might fall. From Saturday. “The warning applies to England, Wales, the West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber in the northeast and northwest. If snow falls, motorists should be prepared for difficult driving conditions, and sidewalks could also be slippery. Trains are also likely to be affected and journeys may take longer. The warning states: The warning states, “Southward-moving sleet and snow regions are likely to carry 2. Although there will be some winter hazards, before we see some substantial snow, it’s not really before the end of the week. “RAC breakdown spokesman Simon Williams said, “The message for all who have to drive is to change their pace to the weather and leave additional braking distance so that an unwelcome crash and an insurance claim do not start in 2021.


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