The groundbreaking student course by Young Enterprise Scotland aims to discover the industry stars of Scotland of the future.


The Educational Future

With a number of private sector partners, a groundbreaking Scottish government-funded learning course for entrepreneurial young people has now begun.

The Young Business Scotland program, providing the first “higher” degree of entrepreneurship skills, offers a series of additional workshops and funding from Accenture, City Fibre, ICAS, IoD Scotland, Lyreco, The Marketing Society and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Last year, through starting and running their own businesses through the YES entrepreneurship program, more than 2,000 17- to 18-year-old students built their entrepreneurial skills in 140 schools across Scotland, with more than 300 of them winning SCQF Level 6 qualifications for their achievements.

Cited in Benny Higgins’ response to the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery (AGER) study by the Scottish Government as a key factor in the economic recovery of the region, YES is introducing a new learning model with a Scotland-wide digital support network for the 2020/21 school year. It has been built to reach more young people and address the evolving needs of schools in collaboration with the Scottish Tech Army.

The new platform provides immersive training and drop-in sessions, as well as an online trading center where YES partners offer digital expertise, management, finance, marketing and personal growth workshops.

Also new for 20/21, credits received via the SCQF program for entrepreneurial skills and operated by Glasgow Kelvin College will now count against university places – another first for Scotland.

Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland, said, “With the support of such a large number of private sector partners, I am pleased to launch the 20/21 Company Programme.”

“The importance of entrepreneurial skills to our recovering economy is widely recognized and the support and contribution of such a strong group of partners underpins the role YES plays in schools to deliver and promote entrepreneurial skills.”

He added, “Many Scottish businessmen and women who are now running their own businesses and employing their own people are alumni of the YES Enterprise Program, and our goal is to produce many, many more successful entrepreneurs in the years to come.”

Deputy First Minister John Swinney, speaking at the YES Youth Business Festival, said that entrepreneurship education is “critical.” He said, “I am thrilled with the engagement and participation of young people in entrepreneurial education.” This is the cornerstone of how we want to ensure that the curriculum in Scotland meets the needs of the 21st century’s young people.

“Those who have participated in the Young Enterprise Scotland program are really leading the way in this area.”


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