The Bishop of the Church warns of church closures due to Covid’s financial losses


Manchester Bishop David Walker says the inefficient Victorian town buildings are most at risk.
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David Walker, the bishop of Manchester, said that the closure of uneconomic church buildings, early retirement of clergy and the restructuring of the Church of England’s 42 dioceses could be on the cards. “National estimates for the losses were not available since last March, but it was a “major blow,” said Walker, who chairs a study of the goals and organizational structures of the church for the next 10 years. In the first 10 months of 2020, parishes are estimated to have lost 40 million pounds, a decrease of almost 8 percent from the same time last year.

Another estimate places the losses of the church at up to 150 million pounds and indicates that it will dramatically decrease the number of parishes and bishops. Some of the losses at the parish level is covered by emergency steps taken by church commissioners who manage the funds and savings of the church’s 8.5 billion pounds. “I suspect the pace will increase as a result of Covid,”I suspect the pace will increase as a result of Covid. If I had a list of what kind of church is most likely to close, I would usually think of a century-long, mid-Victorian building… But the physical structure is tired, very big, and the culture around it that existed when it was constructed is not there… They were constructed to represent communities that [now]really don’t exist. “Furthermore, dioceses may be combined, and older clergy “may decide to retire earlier rather than later” to save money, Walker said. Over the past decade, the church has frequently reviewed the size and number of dioceses, but the Covid pandemic has added urgency to the debate, a source said.

But there were no concrete proposals discussed. “Different bishops have very different views about what may or should happen,” the source added.On Tuesday, faith leaders urged caution after the government announced that places of worship in England could remain open amid severe restrictions placed in the current coronavirus lockdown. The C of E said some people “might feel that it is best not to “In the light of the spread of the virus, some clergy expressed concern about the exemption.

“Alice Smith, St. John the Evangelist’s vicar in Brownswood Park, north London, tweeted. “There’s a part of me that needs us to be shut down so that we don’t have to go to bed with a decision that seems like an impossibility,” a friend wrote to another vicar in northern England. “I’m just surprised.

I feel like someone feels that putting me and people I know at risk is all right.

And if anything goes wrong, then that’s because I haven’t been patient enough. Qari Asim, Chairman of the National Mosques and Imams Advisory Committee, said, “Qari Asim, chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Mosques and Imams, said, ” In following Covid guidelines, the Board of Deputies of British Jews said synagogues must be “scrupulous” In Scotland, worship houses were forced to close under new restrictions that took effect on Tuesday.

They will remain open in Wales and Northern Ireland, but social alienation measures must be implemented. Funerals and weddings in small numbers are still permitted throughout Britain, but celebrations and wakes are forbidden.


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