The 100 x 100 Mutual Assistance Initiative of Barclays grants a grant of £ 100,000 to Young Business Scotland.



A major grant has been awarded to Young Enterprise Scotland (YES) to develop its enterprise learning programs in all Scottish primary and secondary schools to help young people tackle the COVID-19 disruption.

The £ 100,000 grant from the £ 100 million Community Aid package from Barclays would allow YES to extend its enterprise initiatives immediately to 30 secondary and 150 elementary schools in the most vulnerable communities, reaching more than 2,500 young people most impacted by the pandemic in their school attendance.

The investment, which will secure three new positions within the charity, will also help the 5-year plan of YES, #enterpriseforall, to incorporate teaching entrepreneurship skills into mainstream education.

Since 1992, Young Entrepreneurship Scotland has pioneered entrepreneurial education and last year launched the first “Higher” in entrepreneurial skills, with this ground-breaking certification being attained by over 300 sixth form students. YES ‘enterprise projects were rapidly adopted in the aftermath of the pandemic and the reality facing many students whose education has been interrupted as a way of empowering, encouraging and equipping a generation of school children whose prospects are uncertain.

This is a huge affirmation of the strength and necessity of entrepreneurial learning in our schools, said Geoff Leask, Chief Executive of Young Enterprise Scotland, and we are very grateful to Barclays for the vision they have shown with this grant.

“It has never been more important to cultivate a deep-rooted entrepreneurial mentality and to teach entrepreneurial skills to our young people. The grant so generously awarded by Barclays will allow us to have both an immediate impact where it is most needed and an expanded capacity with our public and private sector partners to develop confidently for the future.

In order to promote the creation of business pathways in schools in these regions, we will establish three new posts in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. We have more and more evidence showing the effectiveness of our entrepreneurship initiatives and the potential to access all schools across our online platforms. The next piece of the puzzle will be the new positions, building new links with local authorities, education

Geoff Leask, managing director of YES

In order to fund charities supporting individuals and neighbourhoods most impacted by COVID-19, the Barclays £ 100m Community Aid Package was released in April. As part of the 100×100 UK COVID-19 National Relief Campaign, £10m of this funding was donated. To continue their important work, Young Enterprise Scotland is one of 100 UK charities to each receive a £ 100,000 grant. A selection committee selected Young Enterprise Scotland for the meaningful work it does to empower young people with the skills to meet the unparalleled challenges needed in the job market.

This crisis has had an unprecedented effect across Scotland and the pandemic has caused untold harm to our economy, said Scott Stewart, Head of Barclays Scotland. It is more important than ever that we foster an entrepreneurial mentality in Scotland, embed entrepreneurial skills and build growth conditions. The work of Young Enterprise Scotland is vital to this and we are pleased to b.


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