Tell us: How did the Latest Cross Fire of 1981 impact you?


The Guardian wants to speak to those who were influenced by the 1981 New Cross Fire or who took part in the political action that followed.

This year marks the Latest Cross Fire’s 40th anniversary. It happened at 439 New Cross Road during a birthday party for Yvonne Ruddick and Angela Jackson.

The fire killed thirteen young black men between 14 and 22 years of age. At the time, the police response ignited outrage and rage in the community, leading to a flurry of political activism, including the march on Black People’s Action Day.

The Guardian is keen to talk to the survivors or descendants of the fire survivors. We would also like to hear from individuals who took part in the Black People’s Day of Action or who were involved in the subsequent movement, as well as others who took part in the inquiry and appeal.

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