Sturgeon declares that at midnight Scotland will be fully sealed off.


Schools will remain closed throughout January as stricter ‘stay at home’ guidelines have been revealed.

In order to stop the coronavirus pandemic getting out of control, Scotland will remain closed for the whole of January from midnight on Monday, Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

In an emergency statement to Holyrood, the first minister said that all Scottish schools will be closed for the entire month of January and will be switched to online learning due to the risks raised by the current Covid variant, B117.

The new “stay-at-home” laws, which represent the very strict controls introduced last March, will also be legally enforced and limit travel severely, the Cabinet of the Scottish Government agreed on Monday.

Although Scotland has not seen the sharp spike in the number of covid hospital patients seen in parts of England, over the past week, the number of positive cases has increased to new levels every day, hitting 2,464 on Sunday.


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