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The Educational Future

The now launches a new campaign with our partners Apple, CGI, Young Enterprise Scotland and Skills Growth Scotland, exploring what the future of education could look like, as Scotland embarks on an academic year without historical precedent. And how we can all fulfill that vision

In its contribution to educational excellence, there is no question that Scotland was once a world leader. In reality, we were the first country in the world to provide compulsory schooling for boys and girls in the early 17th century.

Education, of course, remains an enormously important indicator of the history, present and future status of a country in the world – and Scotland remains a nation where everyone has access to a world-class education system.

This is a sector that focuses not only on the fundamentals of giving the best start to any child in life, but also on creativity and adaptation.

And what has become increasingly evident in recent months is that the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic is now offering us a chance to prove ourselves once again as world leaders — a genuine, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do better in education.

It is clear that the pandemic will continue to have a significant effect on every single aspect of education in Scotland, with recent exam grading disruptions causing a major crisis for governments, students and higher education institutions.

Whether it is the rapid expansion of the use of technology in conventional schools or the as yet unexplained result of a drastic reduction in the number of foreign students in our colleges and universities, Scotland’s education is facing progressive and profound change.

The new initiative – The Future of Education – was launched at the start of the new academic year. This initiative will provide a forum for dialogue and discussion as students return to a school climate in the ‘new normal’ regarding some of the issues facing the education sector.

It will also aim to build an atmosphere where parents, teachers, government, policy makers and the general public in Scotland will pose the question: “What should the future of Scottish education look like and how do we get there?”

We will discuss various problems together with our devoted partners, such as:

How do schools work to ensure that children and young people still receive the best possible education under the safety standards implemented by the Scottish Government?

Does the education industry now completely adopt technology to create a breakthrough in education for everyone and close the educational achievement gap?

For our world-leading colleges and universities, what does the post-pandemic future hold?

How in the modern learning environment will the role of teachers change and what help will they need to adapt?

These are only a few of the problems that will be discussed over the next 12 months by the Future of Education initiative.

Our initiative will aim to be the leading forum for dialogue on all the main issues by combining the strength of our audience scope with high-quality editorial material.

In cooperation with leading institutions of education, business companies and public bodies. Via a series of webinars and multimedia roundtables, we will also try to put together high-profile opinion leaders for discussion.

The Future of Education initiative will aim to promote national debate, influence politicians, and highlight the changes that will occur in the next academic year.

The current partners of The Education Future are:


“Today’s young people are all ‘digital natives’ and the use of technology in the classroom has become essential to delivering quality education at all levels, not only to directly drive academic achievement, but also to help schools and higher education institutions realize their vision and objectives,” said Lindsay McGranaghan, Vice President of Scotland, Scotland.

The Empowered Learning Program of CGI has already enabled the educators, learners and parents of Scotland to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by digital technology by working successfully with many committed educators and institutions across the world.

Now we want to continue to build on the creation of these new skills and also build trust between students and b


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