Spirituality is all well and good, but do not let it turn you into a monster of self-importance.


It seems the movement towards mindfulness is being overrun by boastful narcissists. What would’ve been thinking? In terms of intelligence, self-knowledge and psychic insight, a Dutch research by Roos Vonk and Anouk Visser entitled An Examination of Spiritual Superiority: The Paradox of Self-Enhancement is the first to calculate how much more advanced people believe they are than others. 3,700 individuals were analyzed, and they found that activities designed to decrease ego appear to increase it, and that those who go to extra lengths to enhance their spirituality are the most smug, self-important and insufferable of all (maybe I’m paraphrasing a bit here). Those who go to extra lengths to improve their spirituality – mindfulness retreats, aura reading, past-life regression.

These individuals cling to immeasurable and irrefutable statements of their intrinsic dominance, such as greater insights into the human condition, deeper compassion for others, and more advanced psychic abilities (you know, they feel things!).

Most of us have met people like that.

Around 99 percent are going to wish we didn’t. These people stroll around in yoga pants, ramble over “inner peace” and the “true self,” look at your earthbound problems with sad, wise eyes, and, the greatest “tell” of all, scold you for making jokes. The self-proclaimed spirituals hate jokes: they can’t be humorous, so they want to stop you from using witticisms against them desperately. So humor is reduced to a mere “defense mechanism.” one of the most spiritually enriching attributes, one of the greatest human assets. Humor threatens and destroys the spiritual profession – they need to shut it down (and you)…. But hey, this is the time of year to make resolutions, and people have a right to look for significance after a grind like 2020. For wanting to widen their horizons, they shouldn’t be mocked or criticised. But this is so much less about “How can I be better?” and more about “How can I be better than you?” as the study indicates.

To become the most perceptive, the most enlightened, the most empathetic, the most developed, self-improvement becomes a pious rivalry.

It’s really no different from the travel bores raving about faraway beaches in Goa, just “traveling to themselves.” this time. Really spiritual people are just like that, so how can anyone make a fast buck out of it? That’s the real issue: mindfulness is not a negative thing (awareness of how you think, sound, behave, react), quite the opposite. There is a global industry, however, which is seeking to monetize it and turn people into self-absorbed, self-indulgent, crystal-staring monsters that want to show that not only spiritually, but in any other way, they are one step ahead. If you think about it, companies don’t have supporters, they have clients. The consumer is always right with spiritual snake oil salesmen, just like any other business model. Being sweet would not bring many new friends to Harry and Meghan Do the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have anyone around them – anyone at all – who can tell them things like the truth, you know? That Archewell audio podcast they just did for Spotify makes you die inside for them (multimillion-dollar deal, blah blah)

The two of them are blandly babbling about being sweet and Harry calls “cunneckshens.” something.

Celebrity guests/friends (Elton John, Deepak Chopra… James Corden?) still babble “Being Nice” megawords, but not even in interviews, but only in self-directed “audio diaries,” I have great sympathy for how Meghan was handled in the UK, and applaud the couple for escaping, but how much longer will they peddle uninteresting platitudes like “trust us when we say, love wins” (against what remains agonizing) Spotify’s gotta panic. Who would want to listen for much longer, apart from pissant journalists? More bizarrely, they have violated their own privacy after the legal wrangling with the media by bringing in Archie to cutely babble “Happy New Year.” That’s a world away, but doesn’t it make it difficult to argue later for one’s right to privacy? It doesn’t matter that the podcast for Meghan and Harry is deafening drivel (many are).

What counts is that a door they have worked so hard to shut is being thrown open. Don’t patronize the well-read working classWorki


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