South Lanarkshire College carries strong industry links.


The Educational Future

Established in 1948 as the School of Construction, South Lanarkshire College has placed itself as a central player in local and regional economic growth and transformation over the course of 70 years of growth and development. And in the months and years ahead, as we look to a post-COVID and post-Brexit landscape, its role as a place of lifelong learning, working in close collaboration with industry, will become increasingly relevant.

The College has blazed a trail throughout its history in preparing students with career-focused qualifications who have clearly defined pathways to job opportunities. In support of its industry-focused curriculum, the College works with more than 1500 employers and students benefit from strong collaborations working with companies in all industries, including sustainable building, hospitality, travel and tourism, and business and government. The College offers a wide variety of high-quality learning possibilities to over 5000 learners, with an absolute emphasis on South Lanarkshire, from which over 70 percent of students come. Therefore, the college must be at the centre of social and economic recovery across the country.

Aileen McKechnie, South Lanarkshire College Principal and CEO, commented:

South Lanarkshire College is proud to offer excellence. Our ethos is to provide students with a comprehensive experience that empowers them in their chosen field to achieve their maximum potential and progress. In terms of total student achievement, we are currently the top performing college in Scotland and sustained student performance is at the core of all our ambitions.

We recognize that it is important to match what our students learn with the skills requirements of current and potential employers. As part of our curriculum growth, we are committed to continuing to work closely with industry to understand existing and future skills needs and fully resolve them. We are proud to be in touch with more than 1,500 employers and to collaborate with them and our educational partners to develop a curriculum of more than 200 courses in three faculties that plays an important role in helping to achieve their social and economic potential for people from different backgrounds.

“Our college has continued to provide opportunities for all our students to obtain qualifications and further their education during the lockdown, and we have seen the highest levels of student participation in the college sector in Scotland. In recent months, several of our students have successfully obtained employment with a number of public and public employers, despite the ongoing global pandemic,

As we look to the future, there are clear challenges, including how to ensure our college serves the needs of the local economy and plays a full role in local and regional transformation and the skills-led recovery of Scotland.

“I’m ambitious for my college,” Aileen said. I recognize the potential for growth and the ability for us to play the fullest role in the regional economy, which is extremely important at this time. I’m excited about the positive effect that lifelong learning can have on individuals and the economy.

I am proud of the difference we are making in the region and beyond for so many people.

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