Shukri Abdi: Drowned refugee student family sues police


Lawyers are filing civil litigation against the Greater Manchester Police for breach of the Human Rights Act

A 12-year-old refugee student’s family who drowned in a river is suing the police investigating her death for systemic racism. The body of Shukri Abdi, who first arrived in the United Kingdom On June 27, 2019, it was discovered in the River Irwell in Bury, Greater Manchester in January 2017.

In the time prior to her death, a group of children were with her on the river. They can only be referred to as child one, child two, child three, and child four. A coroner concluded in December 2020 that the death of Shukri by drowning was accidental. Joanne Kearsley, senior Manchester North coroner, concluded that there is no proof that Shukri was meant to be killed by a child identified as Child One. She also denied suggestions that Shukri was forced into the water by others. She said, however, that Child One should have realized Shukri’s risk of death when they were in deep water and that Shukri relied on her to remain afloat.

“She denied the argument that Child One did not lead Shukri into deep water: “I am persuaded that the dereliction of duty by Child One caused or significantly contributed to the death of Shukri,” she said. Lawyers have filed a civil complaint against Greater Manchester Police on behalf of Shukri’s mother, Zamzam Arab Ture, for violating the Human Rights Act. The complaint alleges that the GMP inquiry into Shukri’s drowning had a number of shortcomings, including the failure to speak with all four children who were with Shukri on the river on the day of the incident. The death of Shukri Abdi: from a 999 call to a coroner’s decision via global protestsRead moreThe lawyers claim that before classifying drowning as an accident, police should have investigated more extensively because it involved a child who did not know how to swim, who had never been to a river, who for the first time in his life was not home from school, and who was with children he had never been with. They add that in the way the case was investigated, systemic bias played a role because Shukri came from a family of black Muslim refugees. Following a lawsuit from Ture alleging that officers failed to perform an effective investigation and jumped to the conclusion that Shukri’s death was not suspicious, a GMP investigation by the Independent Office of Police Conduct said it found no facts to indicate that Shukri’s family was handled less favorably because of their ethnic origin.

Inspectors found that in 12 months, the police had failed to register 80,000 offences and presented many victims of crime with “poor service” “Attiq Malik, the lawyer representing the family of Shukri, said, “The same criticisms that Shukri’s family has made of the care and investigation of her death by the GMP agree with the findings of the inspectorate on the actions of the GMP across the board. “Maz Saleem of the Justice4Shukri campaign said, “This is a significant development in Shukri Abdi’s fight for justice. The family has maintained


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