Politics in the UK: Labour calls Johnson “spineless” over Trump, as Patel says the US president is provoking violence.


Latest updates: PM accused of not being supportive enough of the US president after the Capitol storm in Washington by Trump supporters

Humza Yousaf, Minister of Justice of Scotland, has proposed that Donald Trump should be barred from entering the UK by the Westminster government after he leaves the White House, claiming that his presence will not be conducive to the public good.

Humza Yousaf, Humza
(@HumzaYousaf) (in German)
The Home Secretary should seriously consider denying him entry if Trump wants to come to the UK after he leaves office, because she has the authority if the presence of a candidate is not conducive to the public good, the standard of Trump is to stir up racial tensions & he incited a violent mob. Images.twitter.com/75fBChvFKQ

7th Jan, 2021

There has been talk that Trump wants to travel to Scotland the day before Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The former British ambassador to the U.S., Sir Kim Darroch, said on “Today” that Donald Trump was not fit to be president.

Darroch replied:

Last night’s scenes in America were horrific and hard to picture.

However, some of us have, for a long time, been pointing out… This man was not fit to be president, is not fit to be president, and does not meet any of the presidential behavioral criteria.

And what happened last night was definitely the product of his supporters’ days of incitement to turn up in Washington and to protest in front of the Capitol.

After a memo critical of Trump was leaked by him in July 2019, Darroch resigned as ambassador and after Boris Johnson, considered the favorite in the Tory leadership race then underway, declined to give Darroch his support.

A mass launch of Oxford/Covid-19 AstraZeneca’s vaccine is being launched by GPs in England, PA Media reports. As the government commits to providing a vaccine to more than 13 million individuals in the first four priority groups by mid-February, vaccines are being distributed to sites across the nation.

Later, Boris Johnson will hold a press conference, reports Sky’s Rob Powell.

Rob Powell Powell
(@robpowellnews) (in German)
Later today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will lead the COVID press conference. TBC timings and line-up

7th January, 2021

On the Today program this morning, Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, was asked about Donald Trump and Boris Johnson’s friendship with him.

She didn’t go as far as she did in her tweet calling him “spineless” last night (see 9:24 a.m.), but she said it was “very slow” for Johnson and his government to respond to what the president did.

She said she respected this when asked about Johnson’s criticism of the mob assault on Congress, but said Trump had been using offensive language for some time.

Asked what Johnson should do now, Rayner said he was expected to “support [President-elect] Biden and ensure a peaceful power transition.”

But she also said that Johnson should “condemn what Donald Trump has done,” adding that even former U.S. President George W. Bush was prepared to do so.

Here’s Bush from last night’s comment.

Trump is not listed by name, but references are specifically directed at the president to the “reckless behavior” of leaders who did not recognize the election results and how the mob in Washington was “inflamed by falsehoods and false hopes”

George W. Bush, George Bush
(@[email protected])
Pic.twitter.com/KCVvajHyJBB Pictures

6th January, 2021

Secretary of State Dominic Raab posted this on Twitter last night about the Trump supporters’ storming of Congress.

About Dominic Raab
The US is rightly very proud of its democracy, and these aggressive efforts to thwart the lawful and proper transition of power cannot be justified in any way.

6th January, 2021

Have a good morning.

Mainly we will focus on Covid today, but this morning the news in the UK was dominated by the reactions to the events in Washington – which we cover in detail in our US Politics Live blog – and by the debate about whether Boris Johnson and his ministers are critical enough of Donald Trump or not.

British prime ministers always like to maintain good relations with their U.S. counterparts, but Trump is one of the few world leaders who actually thought the Brexit was a good idea, and in the past Johnson and some of his ministers have praised him in terms that go beyond the merely diplomatic and polite.

Angela Rayner, dept., last night.


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