Now we would rather strike the virus hard than lose Easter,” UK tourism chiefs say.”


The hospitality industry thinks that if spring break could be saved, it will be worth remaining closed for the next eight weeks.
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Calls for a national shutdown to save Easter holiday bookings have been joined by tourism leaders. In a televised speech at 8 p.m., Boris Johnson is set to announce tighter restrictions for England. Monday. Monday. In an interview on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Johnson’s refusal to provide clear information on the proposed steps led Labour leader Keir Starmer to call for an urgent lockdown to fight the ‘out of control’ virus. No more dithering, no more delay,”No more dithering, no more delay,”Our view is that we had best hit [the virus]hard and quickly to be able to operate by Easter. The worst thing would be to keep limping along and losing Easter. “Our view is that we had better hit [the virus]hard and fast to be in a position to operate by Easter. The worst thing would be to keep limping along and lose Easter. ”

If it means trade will resume in the critical Easter season, remaining closed for eight weeks, including the February half-term, will be worth it.

The chief executive of the PASC self-catering association agreed: “The whole hospitality community has built everything on enough people having the vaccine that Easter will bring in meaningful revenue – because if we lose two Easters and a year in between, the disaster will be staggering,” said Alistair Handyside. After three rapid changes to the Covid laws, the hospitality industry was left high and dry over the holidays, throwing the plans of people into disarray: “First Christmas was reduced from three households to one and the stricter Level 4 was introduced [for London and the South East]; then additional levels closed them all, all in a very short space of time.”

The new rules, which came into effect on Dec. 31, mean that Stage 4 covers 78 percent of England and Stage 3 covers everything else. Wales and Northern Ireland are now subject to the strictest Stage 4 controls, while Scotland goes into lockdown on Jan. 4 at midnight. Geetie Singh-Watson, owner of The Bull Inn Totnes, an award-winning room bar, said another lockdown was a decision for scie It’s an exhausting waste of energy, time, money and resources. We don’t do that now. All you have to do is hold on with your fingernails and live, but my dream is that [at Easter]we will reopen. All we can hope for is that. According to Visit Britain, domestic tourism spending in England plummeted 63 percent in 2020, from £ 75.9 billion to £ 28.5 billion. The forecast for 2021 is that spending would hit £51.6 billion, “which would be 68 percent of 2019 spending levels. “Gill Haigh, chief executive of Cumbria Tourism, said even as tourism continues to rebound as more people are vaccinated, continuing constraints, such as limited capacity at venues, would continue to have a negative effect on businesses. She hopes that once individuals are able to travel again, demand would encourage companies to prolong their seasons. “There’s a demand. People want to come back.

We’ll be ready as soon as the government deems it secure.


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