Ministers said new Brexit guidelines for clearing congestion at the UK borders


Logistics companies call for more clarity to minimize disruption in the midst of chaos for truck drivers in Kent.

In the midst of congestion at the UK border following the UK’s departure from the EU, ministers are facing demands for greater honesty and openness, despite concerns there could be six months of chaos.

This has sparked fears among logistics and manufacturing companies that if trade flows increase later this month, there may be more serious problems. The main initial concerns among businesses relate to the availability of veterinarians to carry out tests for new export health certificates. Sales of meat and food to the EU may be affected by this.

As freight starts flowing from manufacturers of complicated goods who possibly have not yet started using the new systems, bigger problems will arise. We are entering a process of research,” said Elizabeth de Jong of the Logistics UK trade association. “You wouldn’t be doing it this way if you were running your own company. You’d develop your new processes, you’d train your people in them, you’d test the new systems, you’d use them with dummy data, you’d do a walkthrough. These are all the fundamentals of leadership. We weren’t capable of doing all of this. “There are cliffs ahead as well.

We will also begin import inspections in July: it will need more capacity and more staff. We need an absolute review of what is going well, what is not, where the blockages are and what the difficulties are. We need honesty and accountability for that.

It’s a common issue. Boris Johnson praised the new arrangement with the EU as an opportunity to “transform our country.” as the Brexit transition phase ended last Thursday.

“Over the weekend, no delays were anticipated, and there was light freight traffic across the border. Nearly half of the trucks arriving in Belfast from Britain on the first New Year’s Day ferry were still checked: one was stopped for three hours. Jean-Michel Thillier, Calais Customs Director, cautioned that if traffic rises, the new arrangements would be put to a “litmus test”: to curb queues, The decision of labor leader Keir Starmer to back the Brexit agreement – which led to three resignations from the front-bench – is still angering his MPs.

“Some said they are now completely unclear about the objectives of Labour to improve the relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU. “The Labour MPs [who declined to accept the Brexit agreement]are not going to go away,” one rebel said. “They would certainly want Labour to look again at a customs union with the EU. “Former shadow cabinet member Clive Lewis warned that it will be impossible for Labour to avoid the consequences of Brexit,” he said. “Leaving Europe would lift a whole spectrum of problems.

“A large part of the manifesto will have to be about what we’re going to do with our relationship with Europe.”‘Betrayed ‘: Dover residents angry over Brexit truck park constructionRead moreMeanwhile, in its local election campaign in May, Nigel Farage’s Brexit party – which is seeking permission to rename itself Reform UK – aims to use fishing issues.

“war is over,”war is over. The Brexit party claims that in May’s local elections it will field around 2,000 candidates. Chairman Richard Tice, however, claimed that he is already worried that due to the pandemic there will be attempts to delay the elections.


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