Margaret Ferrier, a Scottish MP, was arrested for allegedly breaking Covid laws


The alleged incident relates to the infringement of laws between 26 and 29 Sept.

Margaret Ferrier, MP of the Suspended Scottish National Party, has been arrested by police and charged with breaching regulations on coronavirus. Police Scotland said that Ferrier, 60, was charged in connection with “alleged culpable and reckless conduct” for allegedly failing to comply with travel and social interaction restriction regulations. In October, the SNP suspended the MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West after she admitted traveling to London and attending House of Commons debates despite taking a Covid 19 exam. Ferrier traveled home by train from London via Glasgow after being told the test was positive and later admitted she had visited several stores in Rutherglen on the day she took the test. The Metropolitan Police investigated the incident but found that, on the day she flew to London, there was no crime under current laws.

In England, statutory checks did not come into effect until several days later, but the Met transferred its files to Police Scotland. Police Scotland said in a brief statement, “We can confirm that officers have today arrested and charged a 60-year-old woman in connection with alleged culpable and reckless conduct. “It follows Police Scotland’s comprehensive investigation into an alleged coronavirus brea brea.

The Crown Prosecution Service will receive a report and we are unable to comment further. After her travels came to light, Ferrier released a profound apology and said she took full responsibility for her decisions. She said she takes full responsibility for her decisions. “Although I felt fine, while I was waiting for my test result, I should have isolated myself and I deeply regret my actions,” she said. Police Scotland sent a preliminary report to the Crown Office, the Scottish pr.


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