Listen to Boris to anticipate government policy and wait for the reverse to occur.


In retrospect, the signs were there for us to see.

The government forced a vote last week to extend the recess until Jan. 11 for another week.

After all, it wasn’t as if there was a lot for MPs to think.

Brexit was going smoothly and there was almost total control of the corona virus.

And so, Boris Johnson declared on the very first day of his extended vacation that Parliament would reconvene on Wednesday…. Predicting government policy is now getting easier and easier. All you’ve got to do is listen to what the Prime Minister said in the morning, and it’s probably going to be the reverse by the afternoon.

The government is doing what most rational individuals would have done a few weeks ago, almost like clockwork. The government has been hopelessly behind the curve at every point of the coronavirus pandemic. From the postponed lockdown in March, as the Cheltenham Festival and the baby shower of Carrie Symonds proceeded. To disregard Sage’s advice for a second national lockdown in September and to be driven into one in November, both by Keir Starmer and by increasingly growing infection rates. Everyone knew Covid liked to take time off during the holidays from the announcement of a five-day Christmas in early December, which he then had to postpone because everyone had already made their plans. It was just our luck to have Johnson at the helm during the biggest national health crisis in 100 years.

A man who is pathologically unable to make the right choices at the right time. A narcissistic charlatan is the Prime Minister. The great swindler of cocks.

Someone who can’t stand being the bearer of negative news or people who disagree with him being proved wrong.

So, until he is overwhelmed by it and public opinion has turned against him, he stubbornly ignores the facts. As a leader, not only is he a responsibility, his indecision has cost lives. His hubris would cost him only his jobs…. Thus, the day began like every other day for Boris.

A fast feel-good photo choice to see someone receive the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine on their first national delivery day, and a quick video shot.

No matter what, he maintained, schools should remain open, seemingly unaware that most experts in health and education had said otherwise.

Boris felt differently, though.

There was just a mild dose of Covid in most schoolchildren, and teachers could stop complaining.

Teachers should be on the squad, considering the increased infectivity of the new coronavirus variant, as the children could not afford to fall further behind in their education.

It did not seem to him that children still have parents and grandparents who may not be so lucky with whom they live…. There may be a time for increasing restrictions — earlier this afternoon, Nicola Sturgeon declared Scotland and in two days, the Labour leader made a second appeal to Johnson to come to his senses — but now was not the time. That raises the question, “If not now, when?” With infections rising rapidly, death rates rising, and admission rates struggling in hospitals, the question is how many more people will have to get critically ill before Boris will take action – not many.

Johnson announced that he would address the nation on television at 8 p.m., shortly after recording this interview and insisting that there would be no press conference in No 10 that evening. Boris was pushed into another about-face once again.

Late better than never. The disheveled Boris for his TV address – why would he change a lifetime’s habit to make it look like he gave a damn? —does not look serious, but rather terrified.

Someone that fact had penetrated his self-delusion – at least briefly. Though he’d hyped the vaccine, there was no way to sugarcoat the news. No triumphs to proclaim, no theatrics of artificial leadership to convince. He started as if, at midday, he had been massively surprised by the enormous increase in cases of coronavirus, even though it was old news to the rest of the world, and spoke of his profound sorrow – the pain was all his – of bringing the country back into complete lockdown.

Including closing the schools that he opened in the morning. Some of you are curious about Vie Vie,


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