Labour MP Jo Stevens is being treated in Covid Hospital.


The Minister of Shadow Culture was put down for a bit, her team said.
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Labour MP and Secretary of Shadow Culture Jo Stevens is being treated for coronavirus in a hospital. The Cardiff Central MP has been “flat-lining” with Covid for a while, her team reported on New Year’s Eve. “They tweeted from her account on Saturday: “Jo asked us to let you know that she is being treated for Covid in hospital. In the 2015 election, the 54-year-old was elected and won the Liberal Democrats’ seat for Labour. The 54-year-old was elected.

She wrote to Secretary of Culture Oliver Dowden in November urging the government to crack down on platforms that spread “anti-vax” news. Keir Starmer, the labor leader, responded to her tweets, saying “Get well soon Jo, a dear friend and colleague.” The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, also sent his best wishes to Stevens. He said, “Mark Drakeford, the first minister of Wales, also sent Stevens his best wishes. He said, ” Thank you to Jo’s campaign team for continuing to support Cardiff Central voters at this demanding time.


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