It’s back to Boris Johnson’s academy, the man who refuses to learn


Another sequence of breakneck U-turns by the best driverless government car in the world, as Boris Johnson said on Sunday, turned out not to be valid on Monday.

I’m sure he means them when he says them, like wedding vows or the kind of nonsense you may be insisting on in a newspaper column. The moment was declared “pivotal” by Johnson – and he definitely pivoted.

Again. Again. Perhaps we should look on the bright side of the feature.

Boris Johnson may be the only person who can change his mind in a country that has spent the last few years digging itself deeper and deeper into entrenched positions. Not in a professional way, sadly.

I can’t believe that it didn’t succeed to honk “Debate with me, you coward!”. By now, of course, you know the current facts because you’re living in them. That is the real challenge for the PM with the whole thing.

Once again, we’re doing something utterly unavoidable all too late, which means it has to be achieved much longer and much harder than if Johnson had demonstrated any leadership and understood nettles. It’s only likely that people are vaguely realizing it. No one should doubt that, with our lives, in the bitterest economic circumstances and with precious freedoms that will end up being lost for long periods, we will pay for his weakness and indecision.

It’s not that Boris Johnson can’t see around corners, he can’t see two steps ahead of him. Lockdown: What are England’s current Covid restrictions? What was he waiting for?Read more Improved news? Did he think that after telling Andrew Marr’s viewers on Sunday that things were bad and getting worse, but that he wouldn’t act, some sort of cosmic miracle will happen? “Perhaps he hoped that on Monday morning, a Downing Street staffer would storm breathlessly into his office and say, “You’re not going to believe it – the R rate is down and after all, we don’t have to do the hard thing! Yeah, thank God for you.

Bravo for getting the strength in your lack of beliefs. That’s why, even when you tell friends your salary is chicken feed, they pay you the big bucks. Sadly, the response of the prime minister was even more bizarre. On Monday night, Johnson told the nation that on Monday morning, he had sent primary school children back to school because “we know how important every day in education is to children’s life chances.” Well, yes, but… A FAVOR DO ME.

The first day of the school year, where you don’t actually do something significant except pass out all the germs and then bring them back home for another lengthy closure, bringing 3 million children back to school for one day.

Meanwhile, on Monday night, the high schools that were already supposed to be planning a research schedule on Sunday night were supposed to be preparing distance learning services for at least half a school year.

They expected something weeks earlier, but were threatened with legal action to take the time to get it right.

Amazingly, this often seems to be the way the government of Johnson handles public servants. PoliticsHome confirmed that there was an all-staff meeting at the Department of Education on Monday where it was revealed that schools would not be closed and exams would be held…. But listen, it’s not the fault of the PM, the PM told the nation last night—all it’s about this man, New Version, who was mentioned by name repeatedly during his sober speech.

So sober, in fact, that it was a speech obviously not entirely written by Johnson, just like Donald Trump’s occasional tweet, which was clearly not typed by Trump. “tough, tough weeks.”tough, tough weeks.

Maybe Jamie Redknapp is writing for him now…. Anyway, he would have gotten away with it, as Johnson literally said, had it not been for that pesky new version.

“Our collective efforts worked and would have continued to work.” Johnson told the country that there was “no doubt” about that. “alpha male”alpha male. An advisor to the prime minister panted to the Sunday Times just two weekends ago, “This is Boris’s world now. The rest of us just live in it.” Reinterpreting the popular line of Dean Martin about Frank Sinatra to characterize the prime minister is definitely definite.


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