In the UK, Zurich Insurance Company Offers Fully Compensated “Lockdown Leave”


The business promises an additional 10 days of leave for parents and caregivers facing Covid-related crises.

For parents and other caregivers in the UK, the Swiss insurance firm Zurich has launched a fully compensated “lockdown leave” The Bureaus.

U.K. The company’s. The division said that due to primary and secondary school closures around the country, it would provide two weeks of paid leave for parents facing childcare emergencies.

More than one in five of its 4,500 U.K., Zurich reports. It will help workers who have kids. It is possible to take the 10 additional days of leave separately or consecutively.

Employees struggling to balance work and taking care of elderly parents or other disabled members of the family are also entitled for blocked leave for 10 days.

Zurich has said that it is the UK’s first insurance firm. To announce such a move and may be the first business to do so overall.

When schools are closed, working parents will be desperate to juggle their careers and childcare responsibilities, said Steve Collinson, Zurich’s head of human resources. For workers who want to change their hours or structure certain days differently, we already provide flexibility.

“But that might not be enough for parents struggling to combine jobs, child care and homeschooling. By giving paid time off to moms and dads, we help our workers resolve this crisis so that they can take care of their health and families. This often extends to those with other obligations for caregiving.
In England, schools are closed until at least mid-February as part of the third Covid 19 closure, with students transitioning to online learning.

Another lockdown was also imposed in Scotland this week, and schools will remain closed until Feb. 1, while schools in Wales will remain closed until at least Jan. 18.

Schools in Northern Ireland have been ordered to remain closed for an unspecified period.

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