In more colleges, entrepreneurial learning


A major grant has been awarded to YOUNG Enterprise Scotland to develop its enterprise learning programs in all Scottish primary and secondary schools to help young people cope with the Covid-19 disruption.

The £ 100,000 grant from the £ 100 million Community Aid package from Barclays would allow YES to extend its services in the most distressed areas to 30 secondary and 150 elementary schools, reaching over 2,500 young people whose school attendance will be most affected by the pandemic.

To be launched under Young Enterprise Scotland Scotland, Scottish pupil enterprise capital

The funding will establish three new charity positions and help its five-year plan to incorporate education for entrepreneurial skills into mainstream education. “This is a tremendous endorsement of the power and necessity of entrepreneurial learning in our schools and we are very grateful to Barclays for the vision they have shown with this grant. It has never been more important to ensure that our young people gain a deep-rooted entrepreneurial mindset and are taught entrepreneurial skills.”


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