In conflict with China, Australia ‘not to switch’ says UK envoy George Brandis


London’s High Commissioner gives sharp remarks on the Canberra-Beijing conflict

In its conflict with China, Australia is “not to be turned” and needs to reduce its reliance on supply chains “over which we have little to no sovereign control,” the top envoy of the country to Britain said. George Brandis, Australia’s high commissioner in London, argued that the situation “must change” while calling for a trade deal to be finalized between Australia and Britain by the end of this year. “The former senior Australian minister made sharp remarks in an article published by London’s Daily Telegraph on the significance of the Canberra-Beijing dispute, which intensified in 2020 and led China to restrict a number of Australian exports. Without directly naming China, Brandis wrote, “We made it clear in 2020 that our sovereignty, our institutions and our political system “Before Canberra called for an independent Covid 19 global inquiry, which ignited the current round of tensions, the relationship between Australia and China was already strained. Brandis called for greater cooperation with “trusted partners,” claiming that it was “essential to stability and security.” In an interconnected world, it is easy to forget that many of our most important goods come through supply c. A $1.3 billion co-investment fund for major ventures in priority sectors is included in the government’s manufacturing package outlined in the budget. These include the processing of resource technology and essential minerals, food and beverages, medicinal goods, recycling and renewable energy, security and space. Coalition eyes Australian ‘economic sovereignty’ with production boostRead moreBut Brandis said “He said coal played “the smallest part in this century’s national power market” last year. At the end of 2021, the UK is hosting the next international climate summit in Glasgow and has encouraged countries to lift their ambitions. In several respects, 2020 was grim, but it was a milestone year in Australia for renewable energy | Simon Holmes à CourtRead moreIn a document submitted to the Unit


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