Former Real IRA chief Michael McKevitt is dying at 711 years of age.


One of four men blamed Omagh for the 1998 bombing, even though he still denied involvement.

After a battle with cancer, former Real IRA chief Michael McKevitt died. McKevitt, who was one of four men responsible for the Omagh bombing, was diagnosed many years earlier with terminal cancer. After serving a 20-year term for inciting terrorism and membership in an illegal group, he was released from jail in 2016. The 71-year-old was married to Bernadette Sands McKevitt, a sister of Bobby Sands, an IRA hunger striker. In the 1998 Omagh bombing, McKevitt, who was from Co Louth, still denied involvement, but a judge ruled in a landmark civil case in 2009 that McKevitt, Liam Campbell, Colm Murphy and Seamus Daly were all responsible for the blast. He ordered the four to pay 12 families a total of £1.6 million in damages.

A fifth man, Seamus McKenna, was cleared of responsibility for the bombing. No one has ever been convicted of the Republican dissident bombing of Omagh, which killed 29 people, including a woman who was pregnant with twins. A statement was released on Facebook by the Republican Network for Unity, “[We] are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our friend and comrade Michael McKevitt. “


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