For the UK retail and hospitality markets, Rishi Sunak unveils a £ 4.6 billion relief package


Single-off grants of up to £ 9,000 for the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has confirmed that British companies in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors will receive one-off grants of up to £ 9,000, with the project costing £ 4 billion.

600,000 industrial properties across the UK will be funded by the payments.

To help enterprises not covered by the new grants, another 594 million pounds will be made available to councils and devolved nations.

“Sunak said, “We all face a tremendous challenge with the latest strain of the virus – and as the vaccine is rolled out, we have had to tighten the restrictions further.

We have acted rapidly to protect lives and livelihoods during the pandemic, and today we are announcing another infusion of financing to help businesses and employment through the spring.

“This will help businesses weather the coming months – and most importantly, it will help preserve jobs so workers are ready to return when they can reopen.”
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