‘Everything’s over. I can live ‘: Martin Kenyon receives the second dose of the Covid vaccine


After his first vaccine, the man who became famous said the procedure was ‘very successful’ the second time around.

When Martin Kenyon went for his first coronavirus vaccine, after being confronted by a TV crew outside Guy’s Hospital in London, his terse reactions earned him the status of “national treasure”

After calling Guy’s Hospital and asking for it, he had trouble parking and had eaten a “disgusting lunch” before getting the vaccine, he told the CNN crew, which just afterwards happened to run into him.

“wouldn’t have the damn bug now.”now he wouldn’t have the fuckin’ bug.

Today, one of the few who got their second vaccine is Kenyon, a spry 91-year-old who gained Internet attention after his interview went viral.

Kenyon, an Old Etonian and Oxford man who was quite involved in the anti-apartheid movement, said he was friends with Desmond Tutu and met Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela in person. ‘I went back to Guy’s and, well, it became quite a machine there,’

“When I went to get the first one, I think I was the only person there. There was a man there with a pen and some paper and he wrote down some names. This time it was very different. Very efficient.”
Kenyon, who claims vaccine immunity means he can now hug his two “adorable” grandkids, said he had no trouble parking his “super small car,” the second time around, which he is “allowed to drive anywhere in London because I have ID, which is brilliant.”

I was able to park in a special slot entirely outside the main building this time.

But it was all fine.

It has been really painless.
“I don’t have to worry about this now.

All is taken care of.

I’m going to survive, and I’m looking at beautiful photos of my two adorable daughters and my two adorable [seven and 10]grandchildren. They’re really good kids, and they love their grandfather,’ he said.

Fast Guide Who will first get the latest Covid 19 vaccine in the UK?
Mask Hide

The United Kingdom is the first nation in the West to authorize a Covid vaccine. Margaret Keenan, aged 90, became the world’s first patient to receive the vaccine on Dec. 8. A list of classes of individuals who should be given preference for obtaining a Covid-19 vaccine has been released by the Government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization. The list will be:
1 All individuals 80 years of age or older and practitioners in the health and social services.

2 Someone who is 75 years of age and over.

3 All individuals above 70 years of age.

4 Someone who’s 65 years and older.

5 Adults under 65 years of age who are at high risk of serious illness and Covid-19 mortality.

6 People under 65 years of age with a modest risk of serious illness and Covid-19 mortality.

7 All people over 60 years of age.

8 All people over 55 years of age.

9 All people who are 50 years of age and above.

10 The rest of the population.

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The recent popularity of Kenyon led to him being regularly interviewed, including by Piers Morgan, and caused more hilarity when he asked Good Morning’s ITV co-presenter, ‘Who are you?’
‘I didn’t mean to be rude,’ he says now. I guess I had a bit of cotton in my ears when he interviewed me, and the interview was coming from somewhere else that I could not see.

So when I said ‘Who are you?” I think I meant who was talking, because I couldn’t see the interviewer.”
Despite his vaccination, Kenyon intends to continue wearing a mask. “I got a pretty fancy one from my daughter for my birthday,” he said.

“I’ll be immune in a few days.

I don’t think that I’m going to move on anything to someone else.

I think it’ll all be perfect.

And my family is very happy.

I guess it means that now I can do all sorts of things.

Now I may act badly.

I do most of the time, but mostly secretly,” he joked. “I’m very frivolous, of course.

But it’s a new year, and I think we need to lighten it up a bit.”


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