England lockdown: what are the latest limitations for Covid?


A brief summary of the latest virus control measures revealed on Monday night by Boris Johnson
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The Prime Minister announced Monday night that a third national lockdown would take place in England. The rules would be submitted to Parliament on Tuesday, voted on Wednesday, and are expected to remain in effect until mid-February. Downing Street said people will be encouraged from Monday night to obey the new rules instead of waiting for them to become law. The new initiatives will be enforced in England and there will be no exemption for those who have been vaccinated. The main changes are: Remain at home Everybody is asked to stay at home immediately and leave only for the following particular reasons: if you can not adequately do so from home, to go to work or do voluntary or charitable activities – this involves key staff and those in the construction industry.

To buy yourself or a needy person food and/or medication.

To provide a disabled individual with treatment or support.

To practice – see the basic rules below.

To get or hold an appointment for medical treatment, or to prevent injury, sickness, or risk of harm, including domestic abuse.

Where possible, but only if you are legally allowed to make one, to fulfill your help bubble or child care bubble.

To attend, if you are eligible, an education or child care program.

Outdoor social interaction is only tolerated with individuals in your household or “bubble.” Social contact and outdoor exercise.

Keep 2 feet away from someone who is not a member of your household. Outdoor activity can be performed with your household or living community or only with one person from another household, such as walking or running. Sports facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts and golf courses will be closed, but playgrounds will remain open. Education and child care Schools, colleges and universities will be forced to close immediately and remain open only to key individuals and vulnerable people’s children. Nursery schools will be able to stay open. As initially intended, A levels and GCSEs will not take place. Until mid-February, higher education will remain online, with university classes only for those training essential personnel, such as medical students. Support and childcare bubbles will remain as they are under the current lockdown.

Children of divorced or separated parents will continue to be able to travel freely between both parents’ residences. Retail, hospitality and commercial businesses If they have not already done so, all non-essential retail, hospitality and personal care companies such as hairdressers and salons will be forced to close and will stay closed. It will be permitted to remain open to important retailers such as supermarkets, pharmacies, garden centers and hardware stores. Takeaways and restaurants will continue to provide click-and-collect services, but alcohol will no longer be allowed to sell. Tradespeople such as cleaners would be permitted to continue making house calls.

Opticians and dentists can remain accessible.

Public eventsElite sporting competitions such as the Premier League will continue, but with the same limitations, but grassroots sports will again be put on hold. Group religious services will continue with social distancing, but driving lessons will be suspended. Only under rare cases will weddings be permitted. There are no plans to delay local elections yet. Elderly and disabled people Near touch visits in nursing homes would not be permitted, but visits will continue with doors, gondolas and windows. If you are particularly vulnerable clinically, you can only go outside for medical appointments, sports or if absolutely necessary. You can not go to work. EnforcementPolice would have similar powers to arrest or punish anyone who break the rules from last year’s lockdown. What happens next? The government is being asked to explain the rules in the coming days. The aim is to revert after mid-February to a tier structure.


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