Employees of the college advocate strike action over changes in the faculty


College workers voted in favor of industrial action over amendments to the positions of college lecturers.

A vote by the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), which ended today, found that 87 percent of West Lothian College participating members voted for no-strike action, with a turnout of 67 percent.

Instead of college lecturers, the EIS says attempts to introduce instructors/assessors would exacerbate conditions for staff and weaken professionalism.

OPINION: There is a significant role that colleges and universities have to play.

According to the union, the new positions are less paying, with more communication hours for teaching, less preparatory time and decreased annual leave.

The union also warns that the transition will affect the standard of education provided to students, as no teaching qualifications or recognition from the General Teaching Council for Scotland are needed for the new positions.

“We are furious that the college is trying to push ahead with changes without due process and against the better judgment of employees during a global pandemic,” a West Lothian Branch representative said.

It appears that our perspectives are meaningless after months of debates and different solutions. While the EIS was willing to negotiate, the position of teacher was defined by the college, come what may.

“The vote shows we are more than willing to take action to defend our livelihood and our students’ right to a quality education.”

Colleges and colleges are calling for millions more to compensate for deficits.

EIS Secretary General Larry Flanagan said, “It is clear that, without regard to the impact on the quality of education, these changes are about cutting costs. This is an attack on the professional role of faculty in continuing education.”

A simple mandate for industrial action is the product of the referendum. To escape action, it is not too late for the college, but they need to act now and restore the posts of lecturers.

There was a request for comment from West Lothian College.


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