Coronavirus Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon urged that school closures be explained as ‘under study’ plans


The Scottish Conservatives have consistently called for straightforward solutions to the closing of schools. Ruth Davidson said that people had become tired of “temporary cease-fires that stretch on for months.”

Nicola Sturgeon was asked by the Scottish Conservative leader at Holyrood if schools and nurseries will reopen on Jan. 18 or remain indefinitely closed.

“Can the First Minister tell parents at home what the likelihood is that children will return to schools and nurseries from January 18, or do they need to prepare now for a long period of mixed learning at home?”Can the Prime Minister tell parents at home what the probability is that children will return to schools and kindergartens on January 18, or do they need to prepare for a long period of mixed learning at home now?

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“In response, Ms. Sturgeon said opening on Jan. 18 was a “priority,” but it was too early to know.

Ruth Davidson, leader of Scottish Conservative Holyrood, said, “Parents, pupils and teachers deserve as much clarity as they can get from this government. But they don’t get it.”

On Saturday night, this bombshell news forced individuals to cancel Christmas plans and find ways to juggle work and child care well into the New Year.

“This has a significant impact on families and for some it will be about being able to work and pay the bills,” he said.

“Yet nearly a week later, we have received no meaningful updates, only the same vague assurances we heard again today.”

In the meantime, Patrick Harvie, co-founder of the Scottish Green Party, supported the delay in the new school year, stressing that many teachers did not believe their wellbeing was a priority.

He asked Ms. Sturgeon if the call would be put into effect for blanket routine checking.

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The Minister answered that she recognized that many teachers thought that their protection was not a priority, but dismissed the suggestion that this was the case.

Ms. Sturgeon reported that proposals for further mass testing in schools were being formulated and that the feasibility of cross-flow testing was being tested.

On Saturday, the Scottish government announced that schools across Scotland will remain closed after the Christmas vacations because of a new strain of coronavirus

All other students will receive “blended learning” from home starting Jan. 11, a week later.

The earliest date schools will reopen is Jan. 18, but the Scottish government has not said whether that will happen.


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