Coronavirus live: 57,725 cases and 445 deaths reported in the UK; AstraZeneca vaccine approved in India – latest updates


After Christmas relaxation, Greece re-imposes Covid ban; nearly 3 million Americans have been vaccinated so far, though death toll continues to increase in the U.S.; Israel has vaccinated more than one million people against Covid-1919

Another 57,725 Covid-19 cases were registered in Britain on Saturday, and another 445 fatalities, official data showed.

Greece will tighten Covid restrictions for a week beginning Sunday to help reopen schools, meaning companies such as hair salons and bookstores will be closed and a nighttime curfew will take effect at 9 p.m. Jan. 3, on.

The delivery of the Covid vaccine in the U.S. was criticized as “incompetent and chaotic,” with 17 million people exceeding the federal government’s target of vaccinating 20 million people by the end of last year.

As the country braces for 9,000 more covid cases to be added to the official list, a health official in Ireland said the virus is “absolutely rampant”.

Vietnam reported that the first imported case of the latest Covid variant spreading to the United Kingdom has been identified.

A 44-year-old woman who was put in quarantine when she returned from the UK to Vietnam The virus tested positive Dec. 24.

On Saturday, an additional 57,725 Covid-19 cases were registered in Britain, the fifth consecutive day the number exceeded 50,000, and an additional 445 deaths, official data showed.

Data from Friday reported 53,285 new coronavirus infections and 613 deaths.

As the number of Covid 19 patients continues to increase, a nurse at Whittington Hospital in north London has confirmed “unbearable” conditions at her hospital.

Patients left in hallways were described by the nurse, with some spending up to three hours in ambulances because there were insufficient beds, and one left without oxygen because his bottle ran out.

I’m concerned about patient safety,”I’m worried about patient safety because if these little things happen now when we’re short and there’s a lot to do, it’s only going to get worse.”and if these little things happen now when we’re short and there’s a lot to do, it’s only going to get worse.
A spokesperson for Whittington Health said:

While we do not comment on anonymous claims, these allegations are taken very seriously by us.

Like the entire NHS, as the number of Covid-positive patients increasingly rises, Whittington Health is currently under pressure. Our patients’ wellbeing, however, remains our highest priority and our employees work diligently to ensure that we continue to provide those who need it with healthy, reliable and compassionate care.

An additional 383 individuals who tested positive for Covid-19 have died in England, taking to 51,051 the total number of confirmed recorded deaths in hospitals in England.

Patients ranged from 27 to 100 years old in age.

All but 11 had known pre-existing health problems (aged 36 to 95 years).

According to health officials, increased sociability around Christmas – not a modern covid version – has powered Ireland’s rapid transition from the lowest rate of infection in the European Union to the highest rate of deterioration.

Ireland’s chief virologist, Cillian De Gascun, said late Friday that in a study of 169 positive cases, Reuters reports, laboratories had identified 16 cases of the variant, which was discovered in neighboring Britain.

The following day, Philip Nolan, head of the Covid 19 modeling community in Ireland, said that he figured the variant accounted for between 5 percent and 17 percent of the existing prevalence.

National broadcaster RTE told Nolan:

At the moment, even with this small sample, we assume the UK variant is at a reasonably low level here…. Over Christmas, we’ve seen much more extreme socialization and viral dissemination than we would have predicted, and that’s what puts us in the very precarious place we are now in.

He added that somewhere between 3,000 and 6,000 cases a day could peak in number. More than 3,000 cases were registered on Saturday in Ireland, almost double the daily record.

The acts of three Tottenham Hotspur players and one from West Ham who broke closure laws over Christmas have been criticized by David Lammy, the shadow justice minister and MP for Tottenham.

David Lammy Lammy
Over Christmas, Lo Celso, Lamela, Reguilon and Lanzini breached the lockout rules! It’s so fucking dumb and selfish.

It’s all amazing.

2nd January, 2021

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