Coronavirus: ‘Fewer than one in 10 pupils manage five hours a day learning’


Fewer than one in 10 Scottish pupils spend at least five hours a day learning while being home schooled, a survey suggests.

Figures from Mumsnet also highlight acute worries among parents over their ability to juggle work and education responsibilities.

According to the website, just seven per cent of respondents with children at schools north of the Border said they were actively engaged in learning for five or more hours a day.

Seventy-one per cent also said they felt lockdown learning had made them a “worse employee or less effective at work”.

 Just one in three councils say all their schools have daily live teaching

And an overwhelming majority of those doing home schooling (78%) said their child was more demotivated and disengaged than they would be on a “normal” day in class.

The findings are based on a small sample of 65 but are likely to spark renewed concern over how pupils and parents are coping with the move to online learning.

Mumsnet founder and CEO Justine Roberts said: “Parents on Mumsnet mostly understand why it’s necessary to restrict access to schools, but there’s no doubt it’s having a serious impact on children’s learning and also on their wellbeing.

Remote learning will be in place until mid-February.

“Some of our users talk about their children feeling that there’s little point in engaging with school work, or asking whether their lives will ever return to normal.”

John Swinney stressed that he did not want remote learning to continue for any longer than is necessary. The Education Secretary also said national overviews showed councils had built upon what they learned during the previous period of closures and were making use of “innovative methods” such as “virtual schools or academies”.

 Older and younger pupils could go back to schools first in phased return

He added: “The next national overview report, which will publish on January 29, will focus on the experiences of schools as well as the survey evidence gathered from over 12,000 parents and carers, and almost 2,700 learners.”


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