Coronavirus: educators to turn the mugshot software off



“lambs to the slaughter.”lambs to the slaughter.

A secondary school teacher in Glasgow told The Sunday newspaper that access to and guidance on staff coronavirus testing has been “pretty non-existent” even though students are advised to separate themselves after discovering a case of the disease.

It comes in the midst of reports that educators feel forced to uninstall the phone monitoring software and not go for testing in the event that it leads to a large amount of self-isolation and makes it difficult to ensure sufficient school coverage.

Teachers have also been stated to be asked to meet class size limits because there are not enough employees. The teacher warned that absenteeism rates were at least 50 percent in some classes and said that social distancing policies were regularly violated between colleagues and students and that no additional security measures had been placed in place, while Glasgow was subject to level four restrictions.

‘I think we just feel that nobody cares for us,’ said the teacher, who works at a school run by the local authority.

“Many of us feel unsafe. The government pretends that everything is fine in schools, but it’s not.”

The implementation of devices for digitally excluded pupils was deemed by Labour a “disgrace.”

NASUWT and SSTA union leaders endorsed the concerns of the teachers, saying their members had voiced similar fears.

The EIS union warned earlier this week of potential protests unless more students are home-schooled in the hardest-hit areas.

Data for children and adolescents indicate that while infection rates decreased in the week ending Nov. 15 in most age groups, they are still well above the levels of mid-September.

Rates were higher than the total population for 14- to 15-year-olds and 16- to 17-year-olds. As of Nov. 24, due to absences associated with Covid, 26,940 students were out of school for either all or part of the day.

For reasons linked to the virus, over 2,500 workers were absent, including 1,502 teachers.

Figures published by this newspaper last Sunday showed that about 1,000 teachers were absent over a six-week period in the regions with the strictest restrictions because they either tested positive for Covid-19 or had symptoms.

In some level four regions, absenteeism directly linked to positive Covid tests doubled in the last month.

Igor Rudan, University of Edinburgh professor of international health and molecular medicine, also indicated that confusion about the age at which adolescents are more likely to spread Covid19 in secondary schools may be a cause for a more cautious approach. We’ve had a lot of incidents where kids have been told to self-isolate, but teachers have not been told about our testing and care for Covid,” said the Glasgow teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous.”

For teachers in our grade, there was no access to assessments at all and no consultation on them. The school administration had very little formal contact about it… In my experience, access to and consultation on research, I would suggest … It’s been really non-existent. An assistant principal comes in and says that someone sitting within two feet of that student has to self-isolate if anyone in my class has a positive test, but nothing is said to the teacher on what they should or should do.

The teacher said the adherence of the school to social separation was weak.

Between teachers and students, there’s supposed to be two feet, [but]students come up to us all the time, talk to us all the time — because they’re children,”There’s supposed to be two feet between teachers and students, [but]students come up to us all the time, talk to us all the time – because they’re kids,”

The largest number I had in a class was 28 students. Other peers had 30, others had more than that, and that could be six or seven times a day. Most peers teach 200 students a day – easily.

The teacher added, “Some students officially self-isolate in my fourth grade class, and then there are other students who do not come in because the students were told to self-isolate, and they are anxious.”

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