Congressman for Reparations dispute adds plantation to his registry of interests of members


In his parliamentary list of interests, Tory Richard Drax, who represents South Dorset, has corrected a number of “errors and omissions”

After the Observer exposed omissions and mistakes in his statement, Conservative MP Richard Drax has now added the plantation he inherited in Barbados to the parliamentary register of interests. Three weeks ago, the Observer disclosed that Drax, who has been MP for South Dorset since 2010, took possession of the 250-acre Drax Hall plantation, where his ancestors worked slaves from 1640-1836. We have also reported that in the House of Commons he is the wealthiest landowner, owning up to £ 150 million, while he and his family draw a dense curtain over their finances. Leaders of the Caribbean Community Reparations Commission (Caricom) say Drax must accept and make reparations for the riches his family earned from slavery.

If Richard Drax were standing in front of me now, I would claim, “Mr. Drax, the people of Barbados and Jamaica are entitled to justice for reparations.” If Richard Drax were standing in front of me now, I would say, “Mr. Drax, the people of Barbados and Jamaica are entitled to justice for reparations.” Black lives counted just to turn English enslavers into millionaires, and the Drax family did it longer than any other elite. “David Comissiong, the Barbados ambassador to Caricom, said, “This was a crime against humanity, and we put moral obligation on him [Mr. Drax] and his family in order to contribute to the damage repair effort. “He is the Downton Abbey lifestyle congressman.

But the shadow of slavery hangs over Richard Drax’s gilded lifeRead moreRead moreRichard Drax was granted the Drax Hall plantation by his father, who died in July 2017, renowned for his Downton Abbey lifestyle. Three weeks ago, he told the Observer that he did not include it in the registry because it was still in probate. The latest entry refers to Drax Hall on the miscellaneous section of the registry

Drax added other properties that we had previously listed as lacking in the new Registry, released last week. These include farmland in North Yorkshire that he now acknowledges he inherited on April 8, 2019. The guidelines suggest he should have reported the property within 28 days. He does not say if this includes the two Swaledale farms, the 2,200 acre Ellerton Abbey Farming Estate and the 2,200 acre Ellerton Abbey Farming Estate. These include the R G Drax Accumulation and Maintenance Settlement, in which the MP is the beneficiary of the estate’s revenue, and around 125 Dorset properties. The new information given is still the minimum needed by the Register and does not provide a detailed image of Drax and his family’s assets and holdings. Drax has also corrected the registration mistakes he made under the Registry.

Drax told the Observer, “I updated my register entries to include the business property in Barbados after discussions with the registrar that I initiated, although this disclosure is not required until it has been legally transferred to me. In reviewing the entries, I discovered that an agricultural property in Yorkshire, which was transferred to me from my mother after the death of my father, waaa.” The mechanism was complex, contributing to this inadvertent supervision. “Vince Cable, former chairman of the Lib Dems, says Drax should consider making amends. “I hope… I hope… Mr. Drax offers a very polite one,


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