Concerning the Protocol


Corrections for this week

An report on the death of double agent George Blake related to Michael Randle’s 1991 trial at the Old Bailey, accused of helping Blake escape from jail. The post, however, wrongly claimed that Randle’s wife Anne was with him on trial; Randle was actually tried with his friend Pat Pottle.

The men were both acquitted. We are sorry for the mistake (“A traitor to Britain, a hero to Russia? Soviet spy George Blake dies in exile,” December 27, page 14). The same article reported that Blake had betrayed dozens of agents who were eventually “captured, tortured, and murdered”; we should have been clearer that he may have disclosed the names of a much greater number of agents-Blake himself said there were hundreds-and that the exact fate of the dozens who were accused of being arrested or killed is not accounted for. Write to the Readers’ Publisher, the Observer, York Way, London N1 9GU, contact [email protected], tel 020 3353 47366 Staycations keep millions at home


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