British Gas employees will strike after failed restructuring talks on Thursday


In reaction to management proposals to fire and rehire staff, engineers and call center employees leave the job for five days.

As part of a five-day national strike in response to the attempts of the energy giant to “fire and rehire.” Thousands of British Gas engineers and call center staff will down instruments beginning Thursday. The GMB union called the strike after 89 percent of its 9,000 British Gas members voted for industrial action following the failure of negotiations with executives last year at Britain’s largest energy supplier. The strike marks the culmination of months of tense talks over plans to reduce the workforce and move workers to new contracts between union leaders and energy company executives. As part of a so-called “bullying” plan, the union has accused Centrica, the troubled owner of British Gas, of “fire and rehire” its 20,000 workers into accepting worse contracts or losing their jobs. In order to simplify the firm, the FTSE-listed company, which has lost more than three-quarters of its market value in the past five years, said it had required all workers to sign new employment contracts. “British Airways suggested a similar approach last year along with staff cuts, but after negotiations with unions, the airline dropped the controversial plans: “Attempts by British Gas chief executive Chris O’Shea to bully workers into accepting cuts in their pay and conditions have led to this unavoidable outcome – major disruption to customers in the depths of winter and a stain on th

As a result, prior to cancelling its shareholder dividend and warning investors of a sharp decline in sales in 2020, Centrica announced a £ 1 billion loss for 2019.


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