As students globalize entrepreneurial learning, Education Minister Swinney sends Dunoon Grammar’ good wishes’


At the “World’s Largest Education Conference” taking place online this week, Dunoon Grammar will represent Scotland and the UK to highlight Scotland’s pioneering approach to entrepreneurial learning.

The school is participating in World Education Week (5-9 October), bringing together 100 schools from all seven continents around the world to drive progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Target for Quality Education for All.

After being named last year’s first UK recipient of the European Entrepreneurial Schools Competition, Dunoon School will host an online seminar on entrepreneurial education today (Tuesday).

Students, parents and school partners will deliver the seminar and it is entitled The Greatest Show(case): Entrepreneurship immersive & innovative learning. It starts with The Greatest Showman’s distinctly Scottish-themed adaptation, featuring bagpipers, drummers and dancers, and draws on the experience of the school to demonstrate its creative learning approach to building trust and skills.

Sponsored by Young Entrepreneurship Scotland’s government-funded Scotland’s Enterprising Schools (SES) initiative, Dunoon has incorporated entrepreneurial learning through the curriculum – with teachers’ strong commitment. The role of the school in World Education Week further reinforces the success of the SES and Young Business Scotland partnership, which promotes the preparation and implementation of entrepreneurial skills through the innovative enterprise journey of the school.

Scotland is the first nation to deliver entrepreneurship skills equal to a higher degree.

John Swinney MSP, the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, congratulated the school. He was saying:

We need to do everything we can to give our young people the ability to thrive and make the most of what they can. That’s why we help Young Business Scotland and have invested £ 200,000 in the Enterprising Schools network in Scotland for 2020/21, which is a way of fostering all our young people’s entrepreneurial potential.

I am excited that when the students make a global presentation online during World Education Week, Dunoon Grammar will be representing Scotland on the world stage. With concern, I will be monitoring their progress and giving them my good wishes.

“Dunoon has embraced entrepreneurial learning and I am delighted that their commitment to incorporating entrepreneurial skills into the curriculum has been rewarded with the opportunity to represent Scotland during World Education Week,” added Julie Degnan, Project Manager for Scotland’s Enterprising Schools. They are an outstanding example of what can be done.’

“We are delighted to have been selected to take part in World Education Week, as one of 100 schools from around the world invited to take part in this best practice showcase,” said David Mitchell, head teacher at Dunoon Grammar. It is a great privilege for us to represent not only Argyll and Bute, but Scotland as a whole, and we have been working hard to prepare ourselves for it.

“I am very grateful to Young Enterprise Scotland and Scotland’s Enterprising Schools for their continued support of our school, and I would also like to thank the staff, students and parents for their help in this process.”


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