After Brexit, Leave.EU exits the UK


Eurosceptic campaign group founded by Arron Banks is now registered in Ireland

As the Eurosceptic campaign group was forced by Brexit to choose between its name and its country, Leave.EU left the UK: the organization founded by businessman and activist Arron Banks chose the former, according to domain name registration documents. The website is now registered on behalf of the managing director of the Irish service company BSG, Sean Power. When asked, however, Waterford-based Power emphasized that the company had little to do with him. He said he will “look into the matter. “Leave.EU has had some time to consider its move. The organization is named after its web address, but only businesses or individuals operating in the EU or the broader European Economic Region can own .EU domain names. As the Brexit transition period ended in 2019, . EU domain names – estimated to be about 340,000 – started to express disappointment that no agreement had been reached, suggesting that if the UK leaves the EU, they would have to abandon their websites. Leave.EU initially stated that it was satisfied with this result. “If we leave without a deal, our work is done,” Andy Wigmore, head of communications at Leave.EU, told the Guardian in 2019. “There is no longer any excuse for leaving the EU.

The EU threw a lifeline to companies in July of that year, announcing that U.K.-based .EU domain holders can continue to function – given that the actual registration is transferred to an EU resident. Consumers in Europe will have to pay fees after Brexit while shopping in the U.K. Continue reading For companies that have not made the change, it is not too late to follow the lead of Leave.EU.

On January 1, 2021, all UK registrants who do not meet the eligibility requirements will have their .eu domain names revoked, according to UK government advice.

A removed domain name will not work anymore… And active services (such as websites or email) will no longer be provided. For another 12 months, withdrawn domain names will not be accessible to other businesses. All withdrawn domain names will be revoked on Jan. 1, 2022 and made available by other organizations for registration. However, a grace period that lasts until March 31 of this year will allow registrants to pass suspended domain names to an organization


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