Your iPhone might have a bug, but Apple will gladly patch it for free.


Your iPhone might have a bug, but Apple will gladly patch it for free.

APPLE has revealed that it has discovered an unpleasant bug in some of its popular iPhones, which the company is offering to patch for free.

Following the discovery of a frustrating issue with one of Apple’s devices, some iPhone owners may be entitled for a free repair. Some iPhone 12 models appear to have a problem with the tiny receiver that emits sound into the ear not working properly when making or receiving calls.

When using the device to speak with friends and family, this could result in consumers being unable to hear a discussion. Apple has now said that anyone affected by the situation can receive free repairs through the company’s Service Program.

“Apple has discovered that a very small number of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro devices may experience sound difficulties owing to a component that may fail on the receiver module,” the company said in a statement on its website. Between October 2020 and April 2021, the affected devices were manufactured.

“Your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro may be eligible for service if the receiver does not generate sound when you make or receive calls.

“Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will provide free service to eligible devices.”

It’s worth noting that the problem isn’t present on the iPhone 12 small or iPhone 12 Pro Max versions.

Users can seek help from an Apple Authorised Service Provider or schedule an appointment at an Apple Retail Store to resolve the issue.

You can also contact Apple Support to arrange for Apple Repair Center mail-in service.

This upgrade arrives just when we anticipate huge news from Apple in the coming weeks. The business is almost certain to introduce its next generation of smartphones in the autumn, with September being the most likely month.

According to some sources, the next iPhones might be available as early as September 17, with experts predicting faster CPUs, improved cameras, and a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate for speedier scrolling.

If Apple is going to announce everything next month, we may expect invitations to an online event to be sent out to the press very soon, so stay tuned if you’re thinking about getting a new iPhone.


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