Xiaomi has surpassed Apple and Samsung as Europe’s most popular smartphone brand.


Xiaomi has surpassed Apple and Samsung as Europe’s most popular smartphone brand.

According to the most recent figures from Europe, Android smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, which is behind brands like Redmi and MIUI, is beating Samsung and Apple in the battle of the brands.

This year, Android is dominating smartphone sales in Europe, but one phone manufacturer stands out for its meteoric leap to the top. Xiaomi’s top-end Mi and more cheap Redmi phone lines both offer full-featured 5G phones for as little as £129. Its sales in the UK have steadily increased since its release in 2018, but many people may be shocked to learn just how successful it has become.

According to Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi was the best-selling smartphone brand in Europe from March to June of this year.

It currently accounts for more than a quarter of all cellphones sold in Africa. Xiaomi sold 12.7 million phones in total over the time, up roughly 70% from the previous year. With 12 million phones sold, Samsung came in second, followed by Apple with 9.6 million.

Xiaomi’s head of communications announced the news on Twitter:

Guess who topped the charts in Europe?

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey so far pic.twitter.com/tBpq7NYDUE for a fantastic second quarter at #Xiaomi.

Following the recent revelation that it had eclipsed iPhone as the world’s second most popular brand, the brand is on the rise this year.

It is also India’s most popular smartphone brand. Xiaomi phones account for nearly a third of all phones sold in India.

The brand’s success in Europe, according to Boris Metodiev of Strategy Analytics, is due to increased sales in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, and Italy. Customers in such nations are “excited for the Mi and Redmi line of feature-rich, value smartphones,” according to him.

It’s simple to see why Xiaomi has taken off, with its phones costing up to 75% less than Samsung and Apple’s rivals. It, like other affordable Chinese phone makers, has crammed a lot of luxury features into a small package.

For example, the Mi 11 (£749), which supports 5G, has three cameras totaling 108MP, HDR10+ video capture, and wireless charging. Even the most affordable phones, such as the £179 Redmi Note 10, have long battery life and 5G connectivity.

As the corporation prepares, its sales could climb even higher. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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