Anniversary bundles are rumored to be distributed at random by Xbox.


Xbox is rumored to be handing out anniversary bundles at random.

Xbox is rumored to be randomly handing out anniversary bundles.

For quite some time, Xbox has been celebrating its 20th anniversary.

A slew of collaborations, website redesigns, and other initiatives have been announced to commemorate the two-decade-old brand.

According to GameRant, as part of their anniversary celebration, Xbox has been allegedly giving away anniversary bundles full of goodies to random fans.

The anniversary bundle, which Microsoft refers to as a “keepsake kit,” includes a special edition Series XS controller modeled after “Halo” (a gaming franchise associated with Xbox), a full year’s subscription to Game Pass Ultimate, and a unique plaque featuring the selected fan’s gamertag.

A Twitter user named CredibleHulk4 posted photos of the anniversary package they received:

xboxgift (hashtag)

Amazing! 1H7EvL5lr3 @CredibleHulk4 (@CredibleHulk) 23 November 2021 Microsoft also included a statement encouraging fans to use the hashtags (hashtag)giftfromxbox and (hashtag)XboxFanFest if they want to share photographs of the bundle on social media.

“We’re giving you this FanFast 20 Years of Xbox Keepsake Kit as a thank you for being a part of Xbox’s first 20 years,” the note says.

This is a limited-edition kit created for a select group of Xbox FanFest attendees to commemorate the past, present, and future of our Xbox community.

A crystal commemorating Xbox’s 20th anniversary has been provided.

This has your gamertag engraved on it.

We thank you for being a part of the Xbox community, which is the reason for this adventure.” The note also mentions the 20th anniversary of the “Halo” franchise, which is probably why the bundled controller has a “Halo”-inspired design.

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Month-Long Celebrations Commemorate Xbox’s 20th Anniversary

The most popular gaming franchise from Microsoft has had a busy month.

And the anniversary bundles they’re giving away are just one of many activities they’re hosting.

Microsoft has announced the establishment of a virtual museum to honor the company’s two-decade history.

According to The Verge, the museum, which appears to be its own version of the metaverse, allows player avatars to travel around and view significant Xbox milestones—as well as some of the company’s most egregious mistakes.

One of these “mistakes” is the infamous “Red Ring of Death” that plagued so many Xbox 360s during the seventh generation, putting Microsoft and Xbox on the verge of bankruptcy despite their best efforts.

In a nutshell, here are the latest developments from Brinkwire.


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