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Xbox Beta App Now Available on Android and iOS—Apple Users Rejoice with Controller Now Compatible on Devices!

Gaming pushed the world to its limits with different console and PC games debuting on smartphones through Google and Apple’s app stores. Now, Microsoft adds a new Xbox Beta Application that will complete the gaming experience brought to Android and iOS users. The latest beta application is proudly revealed by Microsoft’s Xbox and will let users play their favorite console titles right on their phone with a controller.

Redmond-based giant and multinational technology company, Microsoft, recently released the Xbox Beta App to both Android and iOS platforms, with Apple users just receiving the application later than the Google platform. The application offers a new gaming experience that does not necessarily mean mobile-touch gaming; rather, the same Xbox game brought only to smartphones.

According to Microsoft Xbox’s Blog, the new beta application will be part of the company’s unified gaming experience to gamers. Along with the up and coming Xbox Series S and X that will soon launch in November, Microsoft’s beta app will connect players more from their console to the smartphone.

This new application would not necessarily be a typical social media application for Xbox, connecting friends, and co-gamers from the community. The beta application would be more of a bridge from Xbox console systems to the life after or outside gaming, without actually eradicating the ‘gaming’ aspect.

Microsoft and Xbox offer the beta application to users worldwide for free, recently dropped last week on Google Play. With Xbox’s enthusiasm and announcement for iPhone users and iOS, the application is still not available but will soon be according to its developers.

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The most anticipated feature in the new smartphone beta application is not connecting with friends; instead, playing the favorite and high-grossing Xbox titles directly on one’s smartphone without the hassle of buying new games in the app store.

Xbox Beta Application boasts of the promising ‘Remote Play’ that will enable users to access any bought games on their Xbox consoles and play directly on one’s smartphone. This feature mirrors the gameplay run by the Xbox console, acting as the monitor and replacing television sets.

Despite the promising accessibility and convenience the remote play offers, Xbox games are still formatted for the big screen, and some smartphones may lose some graphics the game offers. Additionally, the screen will be reduced to a tiny six to seven inches, so the user’s view will be limited, and small details will be impossible to see.

With Sony’s PlayStation 5 storming the world and market with its earlier release of the new console, Xbox retaliated with the beta application to gather more users. Sony is currently developing its remote play and digital smartphone application that mimics the Xbox’s.

However, Sony’s Remote Play for the PS4 was the first to offer the unique experience and is limited only to the PS4’s gaming titles. Sony is yet to announce its mobile application companion for the PlayStation. Xbox’s effort now puts it ahead of the competition that enables the new Xbox Series S and X for mobile gaming.

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Written by Isaiah Alonzo

Xbox’s Edge over Sony’s PlayStation

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